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  1. Hello all!

    This thread will be continually updated. Check the “last edited on” field at the bottom of the OP to see how recently it has been updated. Most entries have links to relevant/informational threads—click the miscolored text to find!

    This thread contains notable events and game updates. The intent is to have a reference for players who return and ask “what new stuff did I miss since x date?” as well as to serve somewhat as a miniature timeline/retrospective. Most recent events are at the top, and as you scroll down they will get older.

    I have tried to only log events that still apply to or affect gameplay. So, if an item was available only for a certain event, it shouldn’t be included. I included a few extraneous logs in the older years mostly for curiosity’s sake, but also to contextualize some later logged events.

    I have backdated it somewhat, to the extent my memory and a brief forum search can cover. Please feel free to add your own relevant events in the comments if you would like! Also please let me know if any formatting got messed up, or if links don’t work, or if I’m wrong somewhere, etc.
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  2. 2020

    2020-07-22: Pallumen lands (land set number 8, after Fatesands) are released. Additionally, crest plates can now be used to upgrade lv9 and lv10 fatesands buildings.

    2020-06-10: AotA eb released in the Wrath of the Sverunganti series.

    2020-03-18: Hexavia the Ravenstorm premium eb is released. HtR and NK can drop Coraxian Chests and Keys, respectively.

    2020-02-05: The ally system is revamped to use Proofs of Loyalty to control the max number of allies you can own.


    2019-09-03: PC Client was shutdown. KaW is no longer supported on PC due to Flash being phased out.

    2019-07-25: Forums are ported to new host, XenForo. As you may notice, they look much different now and have better functionality, though it takes a bit longer to learn.

    2019-07-02: Furniture can now be upgraded to level 20.

    2019-06-19: Crestplate abuse glitch. Crestplate bundles were able to be purchased for free instead of consuming trader tokens. This was abused by some players to generate tons of gold, many of whom were subsequently banned. Players not involved in the abuse were given Bastion of Grace.

    2020-06-05: Fusion charms are released to streamline legend rewards.

    2019-05-28: A charm cap section is added visibly to your profile in an app update: “Charms/Rewards Bonuses.”

    2019-05-16: Seasonal war tournaments announced. Once per calendar season, ATA will hold a seasonal war tourney (3 2hr wars). Winners get exclusive furni and themed emoji around their name.

    2019-04-29: Lowland wars become indi signup instead of clan signup.

    2019-03-13: Fatesands lands (land set number 7, after deepmine) are released.

    2019-02-20: Charm stats are capped, to prevent people from having billions of unstrippable, untouchable stats.

    2019-01-23: War chests (general, conqueror, and sovereign) are released. They drop from wars and contain exclusive war equipment and enchant materials.

    2019-01-16: NotH eb released in Wrath of the Sverunganti series.

    2019-01-02: Trader’s Tokens released. Trader’s tokens can be used to purchase items in the marketplace, including building crestplates and aqua/inferno.


    2018-11-23: Lamp of Destiny released.

    2018-08-21: Number of clan roles you can purchase for your clan is increased.

    2018-08-14: Seerstones are released. These are used to speed up the start timer of ebs.

    2018-08-01: Trades are disabled during wars. This prevents accounts from getting stacked with charms after matchup.

    2018-07-19: Plague cow drops. Every active player in a certain legend received a free Plague Cow pet furnishing due to a glitch where war lb rewards were accidentally rewarded before the end of event.

    2018-04-13: Charms/Equipment bug. Equipment (and charms made from that equipment) released after a certain point in time did not work (did not actually add to player stats). These were fixed, and all affected players (who ever owned any affected eq or charms) were given a free Underplane Manticore pet furnishing and 100 xtals as compensation.

    2020-01-31: ZAFT clan family retires.


    2017-11-24: Clan ad banners in world chat are added.

    2017-10-23: Furnishings are released.

    2017-09-19: Trading is introduced. Trading is only available on mobile. Use the trade button in private messaging with someone.
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  3. 2017-07-20: Netherking premium eb is released.

    2017-07-05: Transmuting old equipment into charms is added via the Mage. Swipe from right to left in the Mage tab (try different spots on the screen until it works) to access the transmutation screen. Transmuting is PERMANENT and CANNOT be undone. Charms go in the newly-added Showcase section on your profile (mobile only) and give static stats.

    2017-05-31: Deepmine lands (land set number 6, after osman rai) are released.

    2017-05-26: Fate’s Boon and Victor’s Spoils plunder chests released. These upgradeable chests give 5-25% plunder and replaced the old plunder spells awarded at the end of 2wk events.

    2017-04-22: Building crestplates are released. They function as an alternate currency to purchase building upgrades with.

    2017-04-18: Legends are announced as a replacement for the old two-week event format. Legends are not available on pc, and are accessible through the legends tab on your mobile homepage.

    Also relevant around 2017-04-18: PC version of KaW does not support this nor a variety of further updates. This includes legends, showcase, trading, and others.

    2017-02-08: Daily speaker regen is increased to 15/day.

    2017-02-01: ATA support email obsolesced, replaced with the ingame ticket system. Sorry, this link appears to be dead.


    2016-09-15: Osman Rai building levels 11-20 are released.

    2016-08-31: Marrox the Confined/Zoma eb released. Requires Compass of Zoma to open, which randomly drops from all ebs.

    2016-08-02: GotH eb released in Wrath of the Sverunganti series.

    2016-05-03: Silences are no longer announced in world chat.

    2016-04-01: Sharknado Ap ril Fo ols eb available for 1 day. Players who completed all of its many levels received the Crabs equipment piece, and clans got an achievement for each level.

    2016-03-31: Osman Rai lands (land set 5, after abyss) are released.

    2016-01-13: Old clan admin position is replaced with Clan Roles that have varying levels of power within the clan. Actual update was pushed out on 2019-01-27.


    2015-11-24: Battle Cry clan plunder buff (25% plunder bonus for 1hr) released.

    2015-10-02: ZTA eb is released, Cycle of Flame.

    2015-08-26: Account resets are disabled as a feature.

    2015-08-19: Permanent silences are phased out and replaced with the tier system. Silences now last 1 day, 1 week, or 1 month based on how long it has been since your previous silence/s.

    2015-06-23: Abyss and Hoarfrost buildings are changed from 5 levels each to 10 levels each.

    2015-05-06: LotL eb released with the announcement of the new tier of eb (Wrath of the Sverunganti).

    2015-02-25: ASOF is released in Scrag the Bloodless eb series.

    2015-01-20: Abyss lands (land set 4, after hoarfrost) are announced/released.[/color]


    2014-09-09: AFF is released in Scrag the Bloodless eb series.

    2014-08-15: Blood Rains ebs are permanently available in rotation.

    2014-05-28: Forum mod position is obsolesced and merged into the regular moderator position.

    2014-05-07: New KaW players are now given a gray name spell for 7 days.

    2014-03-31: Mochigames shut down, making KaW accounts created on that platform impossible to access.


    2013-07-27: Hoarfrost lands (land set 3, after highlands) released.

    2013-05-25: Building razing glitch/exploit resolved. Building and razing buildings generated gold instead of costing gold. Players who abused this were banned or had an equivalent amount of gold worth removed from their account.

    2013-02-05: Forum mod position is created and filled.


    2012-06-07: The Mage is announced along with Caste lv3. The Mage allows equipment to be enchanted using elements and other special enchanting material.

    2012-06-05: Receiving reset bonuses is disabled and replaced with the Resurrection achievement for those who already had them.

    2012-05-31: Cessation of reset bonuses is announced. Achievement bonuses are introduced in their stead.


    2011-03-10: Resetting after hllc counts as two resets for the purpose of getting reset bonuses.


    2010-10-23: Tier 4 buildings are released.

    2010-01-06: KaW is made available in web browser on PC.


    2009-12-04: Bonuses for resetting your account after completing lowlands are announced.
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  9. Imagine if charm trading was never introduced how much money the devs had to gain from it. XD
  10. Cool thread I like it :) but does also show that little has changed in the game and few popular requests were added...
  11. 2019:
    Charms are capped to mitigate alt farm exploits. Devs later release crystal clusters to alt farm and buff furniture to alt farm furniture.

    So one half of a step out of the grave for kaw and two full steps back in. Idiot apes.
  12. Shows the dev team has made a lot more progress this year than in years past. Maybe they can get ads out and actually revive this game. Great thread once again thrawn
  13. This guide is great!!!
  14. Today;

    Smokey put his whole team on his back and single handedly won a war while being outnunbered.

    Smokey's victory was considered so amazing devs canceled tomorrow's wars and just declared him the winner.
  15. Echo man that's jokes! Big love man
  16. Need good updated beginners guide before that happens
  17. Ahhhh I think Ata is hurting in the dev department.....not sure they are getting top quality coders to keep the game moving forward. For sure
  18. Gonna add the pc shutdown whenever I'm (ironically) on pc next