Fixed issue with Plague Cow drops

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  1. Hello Kawmunity!

    There was an issue with our war leaderboard rewards where a set of players were able to receive rewards before the end of the event. This issue is now fixed. We understand this could be seen as unfair and wanted to make it up to everyone so we’ve decided to gift the Plague Cow reward to players who put in a valiant effort with either wars or legends in both the current and last event. These rewards only will be given to players who have already completed these legends, so doing them from now on will not reward you with a Plague Cow. Our apologies for the inconvenience and confusion!

    All players who received early rewards will still be able to qualify for top 100/50/10 rewards for this event if they choose to do so. We will be looking into an alternate version of the top 10 999 NB item for this event.

    Items are currently being given out, please be patient as it could take a bit of time!

  2. Thanks for the cow nerds
  3. K so these leaderboard guys got free seals too? Where's mine? Lol
  4. Snorkel..spaceship

    See I can do that too :lol: jk

    Thanks devs!
  5. Really hate those kind of uncalculated moves.. giving competitive advantage to everyone with many ALTs
  6. Make a pet like the bear trophy in the left room please that actually looks cool
  7. Will the dev responsible for this mess be executed according to the rules outlined within the Terms of Service?
  8. If so, will we be able to watch a live stream of the trial, sentencing and execution?
  9. Thank you devs!
  10. Rip I only have 4 alts
  11. Can you guys make a cute puppy instead and allow me to trade that fugly ass cow for it? Give us more cuddly pets.
  12. Dang I guess I’m just going around now aren’t I? Everyone has me? Dang.
  13. Ain’t nothing ugly about a cow. You watch yourself.
  14. Stop making me hungry Cow!!!
  15. So the top10 this event should be more stats in pet, or its unfair those who chase and top Lbs in war
  16. I want a battle-ready Platypus
  17. How about a pet chicken
  18. Ikr
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.