New Epic Battle: Ghomorax of the Highlands

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  1. Ghomorax of the Highlands

    Today we're releasing Ghomorax of the Highlands, the next epic battle in the Wrath of the Sveruganti EB Series.

    Another tremor shakes the land, this time in the Highlands.

    In a valley near your largest castled city, the grasses in the meadows suddenly turn brown and recede into the earth, which begins to seethe and gurgle like a massive swamp. An overpowering stench of pestilence and decay fills the air as a hideous abnormity begins to rise slowly from out of the septic mire.

    It is an gigantic apelike monstrosity, covered head-to-toe in bubbling abscesses, open wounds and festering sores that threaten to flood the valley with their endless excretion of baleful discharge!

    Behold the birth of the second of the Sveruganti, Ghomorax!

    Before long, the creature has freed itself from its entombment, and turns its rotting gaze towards your kingdom!
  2. I actually just noticed this in the epic battles tab ;) was about to make a post on this exact thing but you beat me grant ;_;
  3. No support
  4. All the build up for this...
  5. Can you let us know of the difficulty, is in comparable to lotl or will it be on whole other level as far as difficulty?
  6. Please give us new levels to ll buildings devs just like all the other lands. It would be better for these lowland wars I expect a answer by sunset tomorrow.
  7. Wall me if anyone's doing this o.o
  8. Noob
  9. Noob
  10. Noob
  11. Maybe new ebs in other tiers be a good idea
  12. Cant wait to fight it
  13. Soo this is all we get for waiting 15 months? A new EB but no details such as new Equips? Thanks devs
  14. What no guide from Chocolate???
  15. Why can't we just fight thomas the dank engine?
  16. The EB hits back
  17. They're never released with that info. It's fun to find out on your own no? Even if it's just trolling forums.