Introducing Trading!

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  1. Today we're happy to introduce the Trading feature in Kingdoms at War! It will be rolling out to the App Store, Google Play Store, and Amazon App Store over the next day or so, so keep an eye out and don't get too antsy if your friends get it first. You can always farm them while you wait.

    Using Trading you'll be able to trade select items between you and your Friends. The trading menu is available by tapping on the trade icon to the left of the chatbox in a Private Message conversation.

    How to trade

    The little button to the left of your chatbox is the trade button that will allow you to initiate a trade with your friend in chat.

    Choose what you're willing to offer in the trade and send a request. Your follower will then be able to choose to accept or decline the trade.

    If they accept, your follower will be able to add some of their items to the trade.

    After they've added their counter offer and choose to trade the player that initiated the trade must confirm the trade before it is completed.

    And that's it!

    Trading FAQ

    What can I trade?
    You can trade Charms and items that appear in the Rewards section of your Showcase.

    Can I undo a trade?
    All trades are final. ATA is not able to step in with regards to trading disputes. You should always be a hundred percent certain that you are okay with the terms of a trade before committing to it.

    How many items can I trade?
    You can add up to 12 unique items per trade, and are able to specify the quantity of each of these items. The quantity itself doesn't have a limit.

    Who can I trade with?
    You can trade with any of your Friends. Note that while there is no limit to the number of trades you can make, you may only have 3 ongoing trades at any given time.
  2. 1st and that's sexy
  3. Awesome.
  4. Believe they will trade for real cash. BAd thing to introduce.
  5. Looks like all my alts are about to get some sweet equipment
  6. This will turn into something akin to volley/drops. Gotta make more alts ppls...
  7. Time to make a bunch of alts and trade for those free xtals.
  8. Another useless update that'll be exploited,I'd like to know where the promised new eb series is,it's only been promised by support for the last 3/4 months now,but all that's come out is the $$$$$ ones.
  9. 100 Abysal blades for 1 whatever thing???
  10. Bruce ... officially my fave ATA person
  11. I farmed a long time for those Abyssal Charms...
  12. Ooh! 5/7!, a perfect score!

    Looking forward to this!
  13. Keep sucking up.. its garbage and you know it
  14. Why don’t you spend longer than 5 seconds, look through it again and then get back with a meaningful critique rather than lashing out at me with unhelpful remarks?

    No? Not gonna bother?

  15. Does the other person have to add items back in order for you to receive yours?
  16. Jedi's Bargain Basement closeout specials starting soon!
  17. Well many ppl have clamoured for a trade market over the years and this is a step in that direction. I can expect some negativity or its not enough. Restricting it to the showcase is not all that bad of an idea. We can bet on ppl wanting more but idk if thats wise. There will be a ton of in house trading amongst alts and mains for sure.

    This release does explain somewhat what the devs have spent time on but is more to come or not is my curiosity?

    Those who want more eb's and myself wanting more events r a couple wishes we await.
  18. I notice there is also a "GIFTING" section which is "coming soon". It will be interesting to see how it works as well.