Update to lowland wars: Individual signups!

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  1. Hi everyone! As some of you may have noticed, we are switching lowland wars to individual signups, instead of clan signups.

    Now the big question is: why?

    Previously, lowland wars had a very low participation rate compared to the other war types. Sometimes they would have no sign ups at all! We are seeing if this change will encourage more players to participate.

    This is the only change we are making so far, so frequency and timing will remain the same as the clan lowland wars. We will monitor these wars for the upcoming few weeks and see how they are doing compared to the previous iteration, and will see if any further tweaks or changes are needed.

    Happy warring!
  2. No.
    People don't cast Dead LL wars for a reason:
    Experienced clans (you know who you are) will obviously win or there will be a clash of titans between 2 Good clans.
    That or we have Serious VS FFA (More common as most of the time, only 1 serious clan casts (you know who you are) vs FFA (again..u know who u are) and easy items are picked.
    Its up to the other warriors to decide whether they want to war and get an easy 300/600 instead of nothing.

    We support FFA clans for a reason, some of us have Real Lives too, so we get an easy 300 items for event instead of nothing.

    Individual Signups will kill LL due to the Stat gaps..Us smaller experienced players like to play with BC experienced players in the same clan.

    I cannot comment on Main VS Alts LL wars cuz i believe thats smth bad.

    We have enough individual signup wars, Let us play with our carefully selected and experienced warriors instead of picking up a leaking PS in a random roster.

    Devs you making a mistake by making our final means of warring together, with a hand picked roster, instead of random noobs we may or may not like.

    I rarely type such types of Posts but devs..
  3. I'm super happy with this, thank you devs. I'm sad I can't war with my friends anymore but if people treat it the same way they treat the rest of ee then it will still be fun and people will try hard, which is nice. No more FFA clans either
  4. Maybe Im misunderstanding.... But how are stat gaps a problem in LL war
  5. This is a horrible horrible change. Burn in hell Lirael.
  6. From what I heard, the LL wars are seperated stat-wise but I haven't seen it in action yet.
    Only thing I saw was a 15v2 and 15v7 war.
    But if my sources are correct, the ll will be seperated statwise (sources cuz im too lazy to find who pmed me that)
    Sorry if i posted wrong info
  7. Plagued with PS scouting for actions and moles and inactives. Not a fix
  8. Support. After seeing the current pathetic state of ll wars this is a great move. A good move especially for peeps who chase top 10 top 50 war lb. I am happy as there won't be war fixing between clans now. Wars will be competitive, I know cons also (moles/inactive) but I believe its better to have 1-2 inactives in a war rather than war being fixed and results well known to both clan even before lockdown. Peeps who will oppose this move are those accounts which were fixing ll wars for easy 600 items and entering top 10 war lb with ease. Now it will be more competitive and difficult to retain your spot in t10. Good luck all t10 chasers.
  9. This sucks balls , I won't cast for lowland wars anymore to give everybody else a chance to win :(
    I'm sorry to the whole kawmunity that I was so good at rostering lowland war and scared all the big clans away I promise I won't roster anymore so you can all come back and fight each other to save lowland wars . All we need now is for Devs to put the lowland wars back to the way they were before :/

  10. Support
  11. Great change devs
  12. Scared all big clans away? Well as far as I know you started doing lowland wars when ffa clans were the only clans left in ll wars 
  13. Actually no..
    NE roster started wsy before..#HellBound=Noob
    Then they formed NE and warred vs serious most of the time..Now at the time they war..noone wars except ffa 
    So NE kinda scared em off by winning all the way hehe


  14. Lolz are you jelly

  15. Ty bud
  16. Great and needed change. Very excited to see how this all progresses. Changes like this will hopefully bring more popularity to wars
  17. U an idiot.
  18. Pot calls the kettle black.
  19. Ignore them dev who oppose the changes. Its your games, do whatever at your discretion. Those opposing it either have the choice not to participate or do get along with the changes.

    Cheers all