Legends Coming Soon!

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  1. Today we're excited to announce an upcoming feature for Kingdoms at War, Legends!

    Legends provide you with unique ways to complete goals and earn valuable treasures.

    You'll be notified when a new Legend is available by an indicator on the Legends button. You'll also be able to tap this icon at any time to view current and past legends.

    When you tap Legends button, a new message will appear at the bottom of the screen. Tap it to start the Legend.

    Then review the Legend tasks and complete them for awesome rewards.

    We will be starting beta-testing this feature pretty soon with our iOS Beta Testers, with Android Beta Testing coming at a later date. Once we've reached a version we're happy with, we'll then work at rolling out the feature to all Kingdoms at War players.

    Note: Once testing begins you may notice players who are part of our beta-test receiving (Beta) items which will be used to test this feature.

    Important Note

    At this time, this feature is only being developed for iOS/Android/Amazon devices and is not planned to be made available on the PC version of Kingdoms at War for the foreseeable future.

    We understand that this may come as a surprise to players who play using our PC version, however, by focusing solely on our mobile platforms we will be able to more rapidly design and release new features for Kingdoms at War.

    The PC version will remain available for players in its current form, but those wishing to access these new features will need to do so using a support mobile device.

    Thank you for your understanding.
  2. Ooh!! - so like new quests? But significantly fancier?
  3. Will this require a more current verison of android ? Such as 5.0 and above or will 4.0 4.1 etc be alright
  4. Not quite quests, not quite events.

    It's a mix of both in a sense, providing us with a large amount of customization.

    No need for anything that new. As long as you can play KaW on your version of Android you should be good.
  5. Pingu is SUPER excited about this!!!
  6. Ty for the answer grant excited tk see the new feature and side note gj with the new event
  7. Bruce likes what he sees.
  8. Looks beyond awesome! Nice big update!
  9. 2 posts? You shy or something? :lol:
  10. Used to post under Admin. Then moved off KaW onto our other games. Back though.

  11. Seriously though who's the orange haired chick?
  12. Welcome back then good sir
  13. Hired a cosplayer from pimd. What a babe, amirite?
  14. One more question.
    Will these cater to attack builds like quests or will people with spy's only have a chance as well?
  15. Wow I've missed a lot it seems
  16. Shouldn't favor a particular build. Or at least if some favor attack others will favor spy. We'll be listening to you guys and changing things up based on your feedback. There's a lot of new things we want to try!
  17. When can we expect this to be out?
  18. I mean, she is called "Mysterious" for a reason.
  19. Exciting  can't wait
  20. Well, I'm excited and already can't wait :3