Happy July 4th!

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  1. Happy Independence Day to all of our players who celebrate it! We have given out a 3-day 50% bonus plunder item, Essence of Khal'Khor's Soul, which you can activate by purchasing Spell of Viskard in the Marketplace.

    Crux and golden crux chests are also available for purchase for 24 hours in the marketplace in the "Misc" section. Yes, these bonuses stack.

    Finally, our gift to players who did not take part in the crestplate exploits are going out today! This item gives a 1% bonus to all stats.

    Bastion of Grace
  2. That's awesome guys! When will the Bastion of Grace be given out, and where can we view it? It looks amazing. Plus, I like money
  3. I was hoping for FS crestplates but a 1% bonus will do
  4. I still have my essence spell from last event. Will I get another and will they stack?
  5. what's crestplate exploit?
  6. Is xtal limit gonna be off or no?
  7. They are currently being given out via script, so it may take a while for your account to get it. You can find it under the "Permanent items" section on your profile :)

    You will get a second one, but they won't stack.

    Not today, as we just ran a rather long promo over the previous weekend.
  8. Confused
    Is the spell available to buy for 24 hrs?

    In marketplace, I see an hr glass that says 57 days

    I would interpret that to mean that it’s available to buy in marketplace for 57 days

    Please clarify
  9. The 50% spell can be activated anytime within 57 days. The crux chests are only on sale for 24 hours.
  10. So the bastion of grace is called "sword of the celestials"?
    And only gives bonus for war?
  11. Sorry about that, there seems to have been an error in our tech versioning that caused some of our players to see the wrong copy. It should be fixed now, please try restarting your app :)
  12. Thank you
  13. Thank you for crux sale. Now we can stock up again
  14. God Bless America

    To hell with idiot devs

    Keep your lousy 1%.....it’s insignificant with furniture buff exploit.
  15. still didnt get mine F
  16. Furniture buff exploit get out of here.
  17. How is it an exploit, lol it’s a new released feature, so because people are using it, it’s an exploit?
  18. I have not received the gift and didn’t do any explote
  19. A nice gesture the 1% bonus item thanks... re the promo well normally when you offer Crux on sale they're 1/2 nob price, I would imagine this promo was an epic fail and not just because it followed a 50%\unlimited x promo it was just ill conceived - happy 4th 
  20. I still never got this?