Trading Locked During War

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  1. Hello again fellow Kawers!

    As you should probably know, charms are being factored into matchmaking to make wars more fair. A complaint of many was that players could just trade charms over after the matchmaking process to abuse our war system. We have now locked trading for players as soon as they cast Wave of Conflict. We've done this to make wars more fair, so please take note of this in case you are planning on making any trades!

  2. I want a free seal
  3. Good stuff
  4. Clearly this is racist.
  5. now all you have to do is actually factor charms into matchmaking because they are not lol smh
  6. and i just completed a trade after war matchup so that not working either hehe
  7. Can you please make it Easier to transfer more than Just 10 items.. Like maybe auto click 100 items And then do it... Good Job on the War Balance
  8. Why wasting so much funds and energy on indi or LL. They are not making any money to ATA. They costing ATA a lot of money to maintain. Focus on advertising or anything to get new players. Also start punishing autoclickers. Make an example to certain group of players
  9. If only dev annoucements made it so. Another proclaimation about stuff that hasnt been done yet.
  10. Re:

    Please erase this I can't Lol
  11. Can’t even believe you could trade charms post match up. It is so obvious it should have been done in the first place that makes me wonder what devs think.
  12. This was a positive change. Support.