Fixed: bug with stats on some equipment and charms

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  1. Yesterday the mods escalated an issue where some pieces of equipment and charms were not working as intended. We fixed the issue and have deployed the fix.

    What happened?
    A designer at some point didn't include a piece of data in their equipment launch. The designer then copied that data into a template creating a broken workflow which perpetuated. The designer no longer works here and we've fixed that data flow.

    Why did it take so long to fix?
    I don't know. [ata]Jean and I just rejoined this team and are doing our best to catch up on what's happening in KAW. We didn't hear about this issue until recently though.

    What now?
    While it's easy for us to see which players were affected. It would be literally impossible to come up with a way to establish a scope of affect so we are blanket comping each player that was affected. If you were affected you will get a notification with the comp. Thanks for you patience while we work on this.

    What next?
    We're working on replacing the designer and in the mean time trying to fix some things on KAW but Jean and I are stretched a bit thin until we have someone ramped up. In the mean time we'll do our best.
  2. The mods escalated the issue? No, the players found the issue then sent endless tickets for months without end until numerous threads was made. You devs wouldn’t know since you don’t care about KaW anymore other then money you get from it and spend it on heckfire. #Rant
  3. Thanks dev, my attacks no longer missed and increased significantly.
  4. Please read the part where I said that I just rejoined the team. I don't know why the other two people responsible didn't escalate it. They don't work here anymore so I can't ask them. What I do know is that the mods and the support team escalated it Jean and I yesterday, which is when I heard about it. Today we got it fixed.
  5. So did the designer get fired then? Or did you both "mutually decide" to end their contract? ;)
  6. Been sending feedback for at least a month about this good to know you only listen to your moderators.

    Thanks for finally fixing the issues anyway.
  7. Where can I sign up for Lead Deck Chair Arranger on The HMS Kawtanic?

    Long Live KaW
  8. Another way to read this is that the mods are a great way to get help. But again, I just rejoined the team and the support team ALSO brought it up.
  9. I see you say you recently joined so I'm not gonna give you any flack for not having this fixed months ago. But I don't think it was just a certain pool of players impacted by this not working, unless those players early on noticed and just collected rewards, looking at you hippie.

    Curious of what this blanket compensation is though
  10. No comment.
  11. Mods also mentioned it a while back and the old devs also said to us that there was no issue. It's not like the devs ignored players specifically. Main thing is that we have some amazing devs on the team who have fixed an issue that wasn't a simple thing to fix.
  12. Can I just say Mark that this is exactly the type of thread and interaction Kaw needs. Devs fixing problems and are open and honest about it afterwards, along with interaction with the community. Keep it up Mark
  13. Mark, thanks to you and Jean for helping to correct this.
  14. A Crystal 
  15. I just see excuses in this post and the op no apologies or anything just excuses.
  16. Thanks Mark. Glad to have you back. You are the only dev that seems to know how to communicate.
  17. Who else is part of the kaw team? They’ve barely spoke to us with nothing but bugs and a ‘free crystal’ as compensation . Fix up kaw team.
  18. And who was the old designer ?
  19. Thanks, glad to be back. KAW is my first love.