New EB: Apheriun the Netherking

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  1. A giant rent suddenly appears fabric of the night sky, beyond which can be seen the eternal moonless dark of the Nether Plane...

    Introducing Apheriun the Netherking

    The newest and the most plunderful EB we have introduced! Brave the challenge and try to claim the King's endless riches in a gruelling, multi-phased battle!

    But be aware, challenging the King is not an easy feat and your clan will have to sacrifice 10 Seals of the Damned in order to start. The riches and the endless plunder make the sacrifice worth it.

    Note: If you forfeit an EB before finishing the first item phase, the system will refund players their Seals of the Damned

    Completing this EB will also yield your clan a unique and stat-boosting achievement.

    And finally, there's a small chance that you might get your hands on an incredibly rare permanent item, Netherskull, that will have its own category in the Showcase.

    This is a limited EB and it will be available from today until Monday, July 24th at 12:00 PM Pacific Day Time.
  2. Re: New EB: Apherium the Netherking

  3. Requires 60 dollars to open. Thanks Gaben for this gift from god
  4. It probably pays 100t per hit or something idk
  5. Gaben can't help you now.
  6. This is a lie. The only god I believe in
  7. Your god sits on a throne of lies.
  8. This is getting stupid now with all this money grabbing. I'm not impressed. How about new ebs for lower tiers? So that maybe new people to the game will actually stay rather than catering to people on lb who will happily spend $60 every hour.
  9. 60$???? The plunder better cause KAWgasms.  Like.... hugeeeee KAWgasms. You hear me?
  10. A free seal would be nice cause now it's literally pay to win
  11. Way to step it up for the ultimate premium players, thank you and keep up the good work.
  12. No support. Devs you've lost ur fricken minds. Game gonna die so fast... quit promoting p2p an add f2p things... I'm so disappointed in you guys. Like for real. My phone bill is $60. Ur fake gold isn't worth a phone bill smh
  13. I want 20T per hit without Crux on.
  14. no words just no words
  15. The question is will the devs comment on what we say and how we feel?
  16. So buy destiny 2 preorder or one eb on kaw descisons
  17. Red dead redemption 2*
  18. Seriously, though... screw this. Lol
    Takes a special type of dumb to even come up with this price.  Good luck with that 