Orisons of Glory - Part 9

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  1. Selona, goddess of the forest and the mountains, has commanded you to destroy the hordes of giant beetles wreaking havoc in the Wurohl forest.

    You arrive to find that there are thousands of them, and each one is the size of a wolf! To hunt them all down would take an eternity!

    Fortunately, you have heard tell of a rare variety of wild honey, whose scent attracts every beetle for miles around...

    Crestplates as Rewards!

    For this event, look for the Crestplates that are added to the reward tiers. These can be used only to upgrade the building related to their lands.

    It is well-known that there are no greater engineers, harder workers, or faster builders in all the lands than dwarves.

    It is also well-known that they almost never offer their services to denizens of the surface kingdoms. For millennia, the wealthiest monarchs have petitioned the kings and queens of the dwarven nations to offer their services, laying untold riches at their feet, only to be turned down.

    Now, however, thanks to a new covenant between your kingdom and the dwarven nations, you are at last able to procure the services of the finest builders in all the realms!

    The dwarven leaders of the various continents will now trade with you in Dwarven Crestplates. These are large dwarfcrafted golden slabs, each of which can be redeemed in exchange for the labor of dwarves in the region.

    Use Crestplates to build buildings and expand your empire faster than ever before!

    NEW Epic Battle

    The beetles have woken the ancient Evil Barcnock! This time spreading their infection to drive him mad!

    The Spreading Infection!

    New Premium Epic Battle Available ONLY during Part 9 of Orisons of Glory until May 6th at 12:00.

    5 Challenging difficulties are available to provide challenge and reward to all sizes of players! Grab your clan and take on The Old Man of the Forest - The Spreading Infection.

    To start The Spreading Infection you will need to use the required number of Honey Coated Seeds which can be purchased in the Defense Section of the Marketplace for 5 Nobility Points each.

    Each difficulty has it's own cost to begin, as follows:

    The Spreading Infection = 4 Honey Coated Seeds
    The Spreading Infection (Crushing) = 9 Honey Coated Seeds
    The Spreading Infection (Fiendish) = 15 Honey Coated Seeds
    The Spreading Infection (Murderous) = 20 Honey Coated Seeds
    The Spreading Infection (Diabolical) = 25 Honey Coated Seeds

    If your clan manages to complete this Epic Battle players will be rewarded with Bottled Beetle Ichor, Terrorbeetle Mandibles, Wurohl Honey, and if you're lucky, Barcnock's Chest or a Green Vixen Box.

    Bottled Beetle Ichor

    Bottled-Beetle Ichor drops as a reward from every Epic Battle completed during the event, with The Spreading Infection having the greatest drop rate.

    Players can go to the marketplace to purchase Fox's Breeches, and enchant it through 8 different tiers of leg equipment using Bottled-Beetle Ichor.

    Increasing the Level on new Equipment

    How do I level up my Equipment from 0-10?

    Great question! Increasing Equipment Levels will only be available AT THE END OF THE EVENT. Each level increase will cost 1 Selona Empowering Favor which is available as a reward at the end of the Event.

    1 Selona's Empowering Favor = 1 Increase in Level of your new equipment
    ***There is no other cost to upgrade these pieces of equipment. Selona's Empowering Favors are REQUIRED for upgrading***

    Barcnock's Chest

    A New Chest dropping from The Old Man of the Forest - The Spreading Infection! To open this box a key is purchasable from the marketplace MAX ONCE EVERY 24 HOURS.

    This could contain:
    - Aevum Circle Pieces
    - Health Crystals
    - Honey Coated Seeds
    - and other premium items
    - Selona's Greaves
    - Selona's Bottled Garden

    The value of rewards from the box is always greater than the 25 Nobility cost of the key, though rewards are random.

    Favor of Selona

    As you complete Epic Battles from now and the end of the event on May 6th at 12PM PST you'll earn Terrorbeetle Mandibles as well as Wurohl Honey. When you collect both of these items they'll form Favor of Selona which determines your rewards at the end of this part of the event.

    As you win wars you'll earn completed Favors of Selona as follows:

    Team Performance
    Winning Team: 300 Favors
    Losing Team: 0 Favors

    Individual Actions
    (Based on # of successful Attack or Defence actions)

    Endecatheon Wartokens

    During this event you'll also earn Wartokens through your participation in wars. This allows for those players who are dedicated warrers to compete against each other for the special War versions of the Top Tier equipment.

    Wartokens are awarded as follows:

    Team Performance
    Winning Team: 300 Wartokens
    Losing Team: 0 Wartokens

    Individual Actions
    (Based on # of successful Attack or Defence actions)

    Weekend PvP Blitz

    During the weekends of the event we'll be hosting PvP Blitz events in addition to the main event. During these Blitz events you'll collect and steal Blood Rubies from players in order to earn Favor of Selona to help you with your progress in the main event. Every time you collect 500 Blood Rubies they'll be converted into a Lion of Bryntalli which cannot be stolen.

    Rewards for these PvP Blitz Weekend events are based on the number of Lion of Bryntalli you own.

    PvP Blitz Opt-In

    To Opt-In to the event, players will need to cast the Lion's Head Censer spell at the Alchemist. NOTE: Spell will only be available to cast during the Weekend of April 28-May 1.

    Warning: Opting-in lasts for the ENTIRE DURATION of that specific BLITZ EVENT and there will be no way to opt-out after doing so.

    Opted in players will:
    • Have their name colored orange to indicate their participation
    • Have a spell indicating their participation on their profile
    • Have their Battle List updated to show only players who have opted-in

    Bryntalli's Broadswords

    When you hit another opted-in player there's a chance that the Bryntalli's Broadswords spell is activated. This spell lasts for 24 hours, and has the following properties:
    • Provides you with more plunder when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
    • Allows you to obtain more PVP Collection items when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
    • Provides you with a chance of creating Mithril out of thin air when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
    • Will be visible on your profile as an active spell
    • CAN BE STOLEN when you are attacked or stolen from by opted-in players. If stolen you will lose the spell, and the attacking player will receive it. Duration is not reset when stolen but continues to count down from where it was for the previous owner.

    Note: You cannot steal another player's spell when you have an active spell yourself.

    Righteous Pride

    The Leonine Icon item may be purchased in the Marketplace for 59 Nobility Points and casts this spell on ALL of your current clan members. If you already have the spell active you will not be able to purchase it until the current spell expires.

    This spell lasts for 1 hour and has the following properties:
    • Provides you with more plunder when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
      (This is able to stack with the Bryntalli's Broadswords spell)
    • Allows you to earn more PVP Collection Items when attacking or stealing from opted-in players
      (This is able to stack with the Bryntalli's Broadswords spell)
    • Prevents other players from being able to steal your Bryntalli's Broadswords spell while active
    • Will be visible on your profile as an active spell

    Green Vixen Box

    As you complete Epic Battles you'll occasionally find Green Vixen Boxes. These rare chests can contain a number of goods including Health Crystals, Event Items, Seals of the Damned, and more!

    You can open these chests in one of two ways.

    1) Purchasing a Green Vixen Key from the Marketplace using Gold. You can purchase ONE of these per day.
    2) Purchasing a Gold Green Vixen Key from the Marketplace using Nobility. There is no limit on the number you may purchase.


    Rewards from this event provide you with various Equipment depending on your placement in the event.

    Over the course of the entire Orisons of Glory series you'll be able to earn multiple pieces of equipment, providing dedicated players with a complete set.

    You can view the Equipment rewards in the "Preview" tab in the events page

    Banner Tokens

    You'll be able to earn the base Event Banner during any chapter of the overall Orisons of Glory event. You'll only ever be able to get ONE base banner, however, you can then upgrade these banners using Holy Champion Token also earned from the event.

    Rewards + Leaderboards

    Please see the event page in-game to view event rewards and leaderboards.

    Weekend PvP Blitz events and Wars both reward players with Mysterious Invitations which count towards your totals in the main event. Competing in Wars will also reward Wartokens, which are needed to compete against other Warring players for Top Tier equipment and rewards. Rewards from the War event WILL STACK with rewards from the other events.

    Rewards will be made available for you to collect through the events page shortly after the event ends.
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