Introducing: SEERSTONES!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    Ever been annoyed waiting for an EB to start?
    Perhaps you hop clans to maximize rewards but wish you could chat with your regular clanmates? Well, now you can
    reduce or skip the timer!

    Introducing: Seerstones!

    These consumable items will help reduce your clan's Epic Battle timer by 10 minutes (Royal Seerstone) or by the full amount (Imperial Seerstone). Players can use more than one of these to combine the time difference. For example, two Royal Seerstones would reduce a 15 minute timer to 0, the same as 1 Imperial Seerstone. Please note that because they can combine, and some clans may want to combine them, we won't be compensating players for accidentally using one when another clanmate used one, so make sure to communicate!

    Players can get these items from royal boxes starting on the next event "The Dimnes Vampire" (August 15th-29th).

    How They Work:

    Once players get a Seerstone, they'll be able to activate it by purchasing the appropriate shard from the marketplace. This will consume the Seerstone and reduce the timer. Players must be in a clan to activate this item, and the clan must have an active EB timer for it to work. Shards will cost 5000 gold in the marketplace.

    Here's What You're Looking For:

    Royal Seerstone and Shard:

    Imperial Seerstone and Shard
  2. How do we get them?
  3. No support, alts will be able to exploit this.
  4. They are currently only dropping in the upcoming events royal chests
  5. You get the Seerstones dropped from royal boxes next event, the shards will be purchased in marketplace, with 5k gold, I think he said!
  6. Cool a nice little change and addition, look forward to seeing how this works!
  7. You’re correct, he said that, twice. :)
  8. I had a strong feeling another major change is going to happen in the world of Kingdoms At War!

    It's about time for me to learn how to adapt to this new change, although I for one had an initial feeling of not supporting this!
  9. Winston are you seriously the only dev we have?
  10. Kaw is coming back bois
  11. Will we see some KaW advertising soon? We do need some fresh blood in the game
  12. This seems awesome at first glance! Thank you Winston!
  13. We really appreciate all your hard work devs!
  14. Support thanks Devs!! This is gonna be nuts!! :lol:
  15. Haha!! yes Bella, I was alittle slow making sure to post correct info above!

    Quick question, will you only be able to use these (combine them) during the start up period of a epic battle?
  16. Yes, these can only be combined during the 15 minute start up period. You will get an error if you try to combine them before an epic battle, or after the timer has finished and the EB has started.
  17. Nope! More than just me x)
  19. Instead of this, maybe fix trade glitches?
  20. I really like the fact that the shards wont cost nobs. Hats off to the devs for that