Seasonal War Tournaments

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  1. Introducing: Seasonal War Tournaments!

    KaW will be conducting a series of War Tournaments that will allow players to battle for supremacy and earn new and exciting rewards! There will be 5 tournaments over the course of the year: Spring, Summer, All-Star, Fall, and Winter, in that specified order. Each tournament will allow players to collect rewards, such as silver bars, crestplates, furnishing pieces, achievements, banners and banner upgrade tokens. The higher you place, the better your rewards!

    The 4 seasonal tournaments will have wars that are 2 hours in length, whereas the All-Star specific ones will remain at 6 hours in length. 2 hour wars will allow for 2 health crystals per war, whereas 6 hour wars will allow for 6 health crystals. Dates and times of the wars will be announced closer to the date of each individual war, but the first tournament is coming shortly!


    All players who participate will receive a banner! YAY! The first level of the banner is fairly weak and is visually less impressive but banners do get quite a bit stronger with each upgrade level. See visual for stats and upgrade path.

    Banner Rewards


    There is also an awesome furnishing set! This set has the same stats as other furnishing sets, but will be quite exclusive and looks great. Some of the rarer items will only have about ~50 owners. If a player finishes 1st in every tournament, they'll be able to collect the whole set. Players can also trade with one another to finish their set.

    Furniture Set
  2. Will there be stat restrictions? How many players on roster?
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  3. Oooooo look at those furnishings!!!! Can’t wait to hear more!
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  4. Dibs on the set
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  5. Nice!
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  6. Time for me to win :)
  7. Will this be like individual war where charms are factored in with the charm formula, or will it be like kingdoms and allies only war?
  8. Pls make them KA
  9. Yes
  10. Awsome any dates in sight?
  11. What about the players who won the winter war tourney?
  12. The spring tournament will be announced very shortly.
  13. That tournament wasn't part of this system, but the next winter tournament will include these rewards!