Introducing: The Fatesands

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  1. New Lands

    After almost 2 years, it was time to release new lands as hundreds of our players had finished the previous lands. You find yourself in a Golden Desert after taking a portal that was guarded by the Astral Thaumadrake.

    For ease of reading, here's a quick breakdown:

    • [*]Players need to have explored 10 Deepmines lands in order to reach The Fatesands
      [*]There are 25 lands to be explored
      [*]Each land may contain 1 building
      [*]Each building has 10 tiers
      [*]Each type of building has the same cost at the same tier
      [*]Higher tiers are more expensive
      [*]Higher tiers have better stats
      [*]To purchase lands, players can only spend gold
      [*]To purchase buildings, players may spend gold or Fatesands Crestplates
      [*]You can build up to Tier 10 with Gold
      [*]You can only build up to Tier 8 with Crestplates
      [*]Increasing your building CS will increase your charm CS cap


    Crestplates were introduced years ago to give players progress towards lands they may not have already built on. We plan to continue this, but have changed the way they drop only for The Fatesands.

    Fatesands Crestplate Shards

    From here on out, players will have the opportunity to uncover Artifacts from a variety of select Epic Battles. Upon discovery, these Artifacts can give players Fatesands Crestplate Shards. The number of shards received depends on the type of Artifact gained, and luck! 5 Fatesands Crestplate Shards will combine to make a Fatesands Crestplate which can be used to add buildings onto your lands. Please note that the land itself will still have to be uncovered via gold.

    Which Epic Battles Drop Artifacts:

    • Premium:
      [*]The Netherking
      [*]Zelgarad the Accursed
      [*]Haunting: The Escape
      [*]Revenge of the Warbeasts

      [*]Neidria of the Hoarfrost
      [*]Ghomorax of the Highlands
      [*]Lignabelua of the Lowlands

    Artifacts are automatically "unveiled" when you receive them. You will not see them in your inventory, but will see the notification of the uncovering and what you received.

    Go fourth and grow!

  2. Oh I spoke too soon
  3. Finally,new lands!
  4. Decent crestplate system tbf I like it
  5. That red text is disgusting...
  6. I approve
  7. Dammit Winton!
  8. Please increase the drops on all EB, doing events are getting tired specially if you are not reaching the legends for the low tiers
  9. Well done. Thanks!
  10. When you have 8 deepmine buildings
  11. Terrible red text there at the bottom :D
    But, fantastic update couple with the charm one
  12. Buildings aren’t showing for new lands. Help!!!
  13. Try restarting your app.
  14. Damn, will i ever be BC? :/