Black Friday Deals!

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  1. The Deals

    Black Friday deals begin on November 23rd at 6 am Pacific time. They will end on Tuesday November 27th at noon Pacific time.

    • [*]100% bonus plunder on all premium EBs
      [*] 25% bonus plunder on all regular EBs, excluding Blood Rains EBs
      [*]50% off Seal of the Damned (now 29 NB), Horn of Calydor (14 NB), and Aevum Circle Piece packs (10 circles for 5 NB)
      [*]50% off Battle Cry (29 NB)
      [*]Crux and Golden Crux chests for 39 and 59 NB
      [*]The crystal limit will be lifted

    New Items

    • Lamp of Destiny - This item combines with Destiny's Flame (found in the marketplace) to give the user and their clan a bonus 10% plunder for the entirety of an EB, great for long battles! It can be purchased for 49 NB.

    • Lamp of Fortune - This item combines with Fortune's Flame (found in the marketplace) to give the user and their clan a 30% boost on damaged scales when attacking "Eschaton". This effect only lasts for 10 minutes, so make sure lots of people are online to get the most out of the effect! It can be purchased for 99 NB.

    • Bow, Shield, and Sword of the Celestials - These 3 permanent items can be received from IAPs in the Oracle. They give % bonus to your stats. More info on the item stats can be found in the event post here.

      Individual packs:

      Bow Pack includes:
      • Bow of the Celestials
      • 5 Health Crystals
      • 10 NB

      Shield Pack includes:
      • Shield of the Celestials
      • 10 Health Crystals
      • 25 NB

      Sword Pack includes:
      • Sword of the Celestials
      • 50 Health Crystals
      • 100 NB

    Furnishing Slot Boxes

    There will be 5 new boxes available over the event that can be purchased from the marketplace for gold and opened with NB. 4 of the boxes are slot specific, meaning that every item in the box will represent a certain slot, such as a throne. These 4 boxes will each remain in the store for approximately 24 hours, and only one will show at a time. The 5th box, which will come after the initial 4, will have a mixture of furnishings and some other items. Each box has a max count of 25, so players will only be able to hold 25 of each at a time, but you could theoretically open a bunch during the day the box is being sold and then buy more to keep 25 for after the event!

    A sample of furnishings from the slot boxes.
    Please note the fox-like creature is not part of the rug.

    How you'll feel when you get that sweet item you've always wanted:

  2. Seals still 59 nobs for me
  3. No thanks apes. You haven’t changed my mind Winston. Nerf charms.
  4. Is this still happening? It's updated to 29 nobs from what I can see in-game.
  5. Devs, are you guys drunk and/or high? I hope the community as a whole doesn't spend as much this year due to the overwhelming issues you have as of yet NOT addressed.
  6. Yeah, still 59 nobs for me
  7. That purple throne is looking a lil bit beautifuuuuuul
  8. Why are the random half hour promos so “random” the pattern is terrible and once you buy the same one it’s the same one over and over again. Help and support are less than helpful when I asked (shocker). Can ata just give paying customers, what they wanna pay for ?
  9. Working now. Took a lil while to update i guess
  10. @ATA is NK gonna be unlocked earlier ?
  11. I really like that deals gif I keep coming back just to watch and laugh, it’s funny
  12. Circles still 1/1.
  13. Nvm just noticed the bundle deal is in def pots section.
  14. Comes out at noon PST. We wanted to give people the chance to try the dragon EB first!
  15. Did you fix charm stacking issue? Because without THAT being properly addressed you can take your promo and shove it. There is no point in doing anything anymore if game mechanics remain imbalanced.
    I am spending my entertainment dollars elsewhere.
    I hope that all who spoke against this issue keep their integrity and give ata a middle finger.
  16. Mr winston,
    Is the new eb glitched on crushing. The bell isnt dropping
  17. This issue has been fixed
  18. A variety of issues with how fast alts were able to gain charms have been fixed, but there are certainly still other issues and they are quite high on our priority list.
  19. Nobody cares about the alts. People care about the fact that you can endlessly stack charms onto 1 account. It ruins the game mechanics.
  20. Lolol....Winston only replies to LB I see. Apes haven’t fixed . They can keep claiming they have but it doesn’t make it true. Change my mind Winston...nerf charms. (Quoting LB player so maybe Winston will see)