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  1. Furnishing Update

    After a period of high-protein diets, furnishings are finally getting buff.

    Okay, so Furnishings have been out for a while now and players were much weaker when they first came out. Since they have static values, the total value of furnishings has decreased over time. We've also noticed that many players don't really find value their furnishings, but instead mostly just try to get visually appealing designs. To try and make furnishings more desirable, we've added a new set of levels that gives furnishings percentage stats.

    Buff Explained

    Furnishings now have a max level of 20. This also means that furnishings got a lot stronger. How? They now give percentage stats starting from level 11. But Winston! What if I don't have that many regular stats and the percentage bonus is lower than my previous bonus? Well I gotchu covered! When players hit the 11th level of furnishing in a specific slot for the first time, they'll get an achievement which gives stats equal to the level 10 version of that furnishing.

    If you have upgraded a furnishing past level 11 but have not received the achievement, please write in to support and we can add it for you!


    Well, since charms have become more balanced, the biggest difference has been allies. Allies are quite expensive and can be risky to keep. We've opened up another avenue for players to collect and safely store stats. Furnishings are also not factored into matchmaking, so you can give yourself an edge. Finally, we found that a lot of people just didn't find value in furnishings. They offered such small stats compared to the rest of a players size that they were effectively just for aesthetics. We hope this change makes a positive impact on players desiring furnishings. Since furnishings are rare, we will be looking into more ways to getting furnishings to players, which will help players upgrade. These will be coming out in the next few weeks!

  2. Yay more over powered player!
  3. Since when have charms been balanced???????????
  4. Wait, furnishing is not used for matchmaking? Does that mean we are going to see more mismatch?
  5. But im only at 27% how does that work 
  6. I just want some skull related stuff... thats all I want...
  7. Thank you guys
  8. If you're gonna give furnishings a buff, give a buff to rare/ top 10 charms from past and future legends events. This will give people more of an incentive to compete for the top ten spots in every legend to come. It would also reward players with old rare charms that have been allotted horrible stats.
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  9. KA wars are still only kingdom and ally right? No furnishings involved.
  10. Total furniture pieces required from level 1 to level 20.

    Level 1=1
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  11. Thanks foxy!
  12. why do you have ee
  13. Why do you not?
  14. Charms ruined the game
  15. You had me at “charms balanced”  is this a joke?
  16. Lol foxy! You have surely 344 of each furniture! :)
  17. Allies are quite expensive and risky to keep so your putting more importance on furnishings, have you forgotten it’s a war game you advertise??? This stinks, it just makes this more pay to play than it already is. It’s a protection scheme for the big spenders. Nothing more, nothing less. Shame on you. NO SUPPORT
  18. Charms nerfed... charms were only needed to an extent on old lands. You fools did not consider the inflation that would come from the new lands. Now I can do a promo and grow my cap by hundreds of B at a time. So now the top LB can have unrealistic caps again. The formula is idiotic. But anyway about the furni. It seems an incredibly stupid idea considering the extreme percentage bonus that can be gained from a max showcase
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  19. True, You will see 4bcs plus furni stacked alts now Imo
  20. Devs you need to remember this is a war game and not your favorite rp game, pimd. Bring back the God damn pvp to th WAR GAME THIS WAS AND SHOULD BE.