How Fusion Charms Work

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  1. New Charms System - Fusion Charms

    With the new charm changes listed here, we have come out with a fun new way that charms work. From this event going forward, legends that used to drop charms will now drop Fusion Charms. These charms will autocombine when you have enough of them, and give you a stronger charm. The charms can "crit upgrade" and skip tiers for massive stat gains. There are 6 tiers of charms in total now, with the last tier having massive stats (about 5.2B of each stat). As you can assume, it will be very challenging to get a tier 6 charm.

    Also, there will be a new fusion charm set after a set period of time, so if you don't get a max level charm before they switch, you'll have to trade with others to get one (or try again with the new set)! Below is a graph showing how many of each charm you will need to get ONE charm of the next level:

    Thaumalite Fragment | Thaumalite Shard | Thaumalite Crystal | Large Thaumalite Crystal | Thaumalite Cluster | Prismatic Thaumalite Cluster

    As previously mentioned, charms can skip tiers. This is incredibly powerful and can save players lots and lots of time! Charms can skip up to 3 tiers, so a tier 1 charm could skip all the way to tier 4, but not 5 or 6. However, a tier 3 charm could skip straight to tier 6. Note that skipping tiers is quite rare, and skipping multiple tiers is very rare.

    As for trading, these charms are only tradable at tier 4 and beyond. This was mainly put in place to stop people trying to farm charms, as it will take a long time for players to get to tradable tiers, and it will be easier for the support team to track down farms.

    TLDR Version: New charms, 6 tiers of them, get tier 1 from legends, combine to upgrade through tiers, you can skip tiers if you get lucky.
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  2. Thankyou.
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  3. im so confused rn
  4. No support
  5. I wish to do dance. Plez make next ones require a dance
  6. @ Winston keep acting like charms are even relevant  keep egging to community on to chase and spend for a near useless commodity
  7. How long before the new set of them comes out?
  8. Not sure! Maybe a couple of months, but very possible it's different
  9. Will the next set be the same fusion method or a different formula? :)
  10. The real question is will they be useful and supported by devs or just capped and not incorporated into wars? Or just indi which happens once what every 5 wars?
  11. Just checking that this is intended...shard drops on main legend have been drastically reduced to 1 for each level. I’m on the 32k level and it used to be 12.

    This right?
  12. Even for 50k rewards it's 1 fragment instead of 18. Please compensate 28 fragments to peeps who already crossed 50k
  13. I believe they are doing it this way to deter charm farmers.
    However, I believe Devs need a better way to deal with this issue. Ban all players suspected of using a farm seems to be like a good way to deal with the issue, I'm fairly confident that charm farming breaks the TOS
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  14. Current event 10k items reward gives 2 fragments. 32k & 50k gives 1. If that was for charm farming they will stop giving fragments at 10k tier not at 50k
  15. They shouldn't combat farm charmers by reducing quality of gameplay.
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  16. Has anyone seen the math on theses yet?? It takes 14,400 thaumalite fragments to get to 1 of the top prismatic cluster.
    At least let the top 10-15k overall lb players trade the first few tiers, or set a daily trade allowance.
    Cause 14,400 is years of collecting with no "rare" lvl jumps
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  17. Alts would abuse the numbers are fine.