Charms Rebalance

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  1. Charm Rebalance

    After much thought and deliberation, we've made some adjustments to charms! While I'm sure there will be some people against this, I do believe it's a necessary change. Before getting into exactly what the changes are, I'd like to explain why we made the changes, and what we are hoping to come from the changes:

    Why We Made Changes

    For a long time, players in KaW focused highly on upgrading buildings, upgrading equipment, and increasing their pool of allies. This system was relatively balanced, especially as allies could grow with building increases, and that allies could be stripped from players. There seemed to be a good risk to reward ratio for having allies. Equipment was also beneficial, but since it was capped by a number of slots, it couldn't really get out of hand.
    As KaW progressed, new features were released (namely furnishings and charms). Furnishings have added bonus stats to players, and haven't really resulted in too many issues, but charms have quickly become an issue. Hundreds of millions of stats can be easily gained for relatively easy amounts of work, and this has caused some players to become extremely powerful.

    What We Hope to Happen From The Changes

    • Players will be on a more even playing field
    • Players have more build choices, outside of just "stack charms"
    • Well-rounded players should be rewarded instead of players just focusing on one aspect of the game
    • Players with lots of charms will still have value with their charms
    • Players not abusing charms will still benefit from charms
    • Charms will still be an important and worthwhile part of the game
    • Players should be able to use tactics to get past charms

    The Changes

    Charms are now going to be capped at a percentage of players building combined stats, as well as by a multiple of their ally combined stats.

    • Players are capped to 50% of their MAX building CS (being low on soldiers won't lower this)
    • **PLUS**
    • Players are capped to a 4x multiple of their ally CS
    • These changes *only* affect PvP - players will still have the full power of all charms for PvE actions


    1. Player 1 has 200B building CS, 50B ally CS and 200B charm CS
      • They are capped at 100B (50% of building CS) + 200B (4x ally CS) charm cs --> 300B
      • All of their charms still work
    2. Player 2 has 1B building CS, 250B ally CS, and 1T charm CS
      • They are capped at 500M + 1T --> 1.0005T charm CS
      • All of their charms still work

    3. Player 3 has 100B building CS, 20B ally CS, and 1T charm CS
      • They are capped at 50B + 80B --> 130B charm CS
      • In this case, only 130B of their 1T charms are effective
      • They could consider trading charms away, or accumulating more CS from their buildings and/or allies

    I've spent some time looking through a lot of our players build sizes, ally sizes, and charm amounts, and a lot of players aren't going to feel huge effects from this change, but some players are going to feel enormous effects. This change also makes stripping a more punishing tactic, so those in OSW should feel a little more empowered against charmed accounts. If a player loses their ally CS via a strip, they also lose the effectiveness of their charms that are over the cap, they'll also potentially lose the money needed to buy those allies back, which can still be punishing.


    1. Player 4 is in an OSW. They have 250B building CS, 250B ally CS, and 1T charm cs.
      Their cap is currently 1.125T, with only 1T of that being used. However, Clan 1 comes in and strips them down to 50B ally CS. Their new cap is 125B (building CS) + 200B (ally CS), and only 325B of their 1T charms are in effect.

    War Cases

    1. Indi Wars
      • Charms are based entirely on the previously stated formula
    2. Lowland Wars/Kingdom & Ally Only
      • These wars still do not have charms factored in
    3. A war that includes charms but not allies
      • Ok so this doesn't exist, but if it were to happen, charms would be based only on 50% of your building stats, since allies wouldn't be factored in at all

    Important Note: Builds will affect how charms work. If you're a pure spy with all spy allies, you won't be getting attack bonuses from your charms, but would be getting spy bonuses.

    We understand that this is a huge change, and so we're always listening to any feedback and hope to hear about what you think of the change!

    Happy KaWing!


    What actually are charms

    One thing that may not have been clear, is what is considered a charm and what isn't. For the purpose of the above changes, charms are two things:
    1. Quest Rewards with stats on them (generally players received these as part of the main legend and side legends)
    2. Equipment that was transmuted into charms

    Things that are *NOT* charms:
    1. Equipment - your equipment is not capped by the charm cap, and it does not add to the charm cap
    2. Furnishings - your furnishings are similar to equipment in that they are not capped by charms and don't add to the cap


    The new charms update has changed matchmaking slightly too (battle list + hit ranges, as well as war sorting)!

    1. Buildings, allies, and capped charms affect your matchmaking
    2. Equipment, furnishings do not affect your matchmaking
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  7. Phenomenal. I can probably convince my clan members to war now. The idea of pay-to-win players with infinite stacks and charm farms was too daunting for some
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  9. So how are we gonna set the charm stats in app? Do they change per charm so we can see the real stat on each charm? Is there going to be a combine charm stat listed somewhere? Or do we have to look at each charm write down the numbers add them up, then multiply the cap modifiers ourselves?
  10. I bet ya dont ya lil charmy farmy
  11. I’m not a stacker, but I do have some observations. ATA always releases content, players adapt to that content, ATA hammers the players that adapt.
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  13. What compensation can be expected for players you have legitimately adapted to a charm-focused playing style and will now be left with millions in trash charms?
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