More Daily Speakers!

Discussion in 'Past Announcements' started by [ATA]Grant, Feb 8, 2017.

  1. Over the past several days we've been testing increased Daily Speakers, giving players 10 per day instead of the regular 5.

    Today we're upping this even further, providing players with 15 Speakers every day to encourage a more engaged and lively world chat. (Note that the free cap of 25 speakers remains, so be sure to use them or lose them!)

    Note: We reserve the right to change this limit back at any time should it lead to a worse world chat experience.
  2. Has WC really gotten that dead?

    Thanks for the extra speakers tho 
  3. Holy crap I don't even need mod now!
  4. How could WC possibly get worse?
  5. Wow... No way this could ever go wrong....
  6. Wat... you guys are getting gooder m8
  7. Oh yeah. Let's give the statless alts more ways to troll. Can't go wrong :lol:
  9. Nothing wrong with some banter
  10. If y'all want more engaging wc, then why not increase the total cap
  11. No support
  12. Would devs consider at 30 speaker limit and 31 speakers for world announcement? My ocd is killing me. 2 days for full speakers would make me a very happy player.
  13. But... it is two days for full speakers...
  14. I'm aware but math is perfect. 15+15 makes my ocd happy. 15+10 just doesnt.

    And technically it's 1 and 2/3 days for full speakers.
  15. Nope, because it's flat 15/day. Use em mate.
  16. Great move, Grant. I approve and so does this random guy.

  17. I'm not mad
  18. Except when you can't use them :cool: