Wrath of the Sveruganti - New High Level EB Series

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  1. Your rise to power was merciless and brutal.

    Your path to empire was paved with the bones of nations, crushed underneath your ever-marching, ever-growing legions of soldiers and machines of war.

    Now, your influence spans every known territory. Your glory is boundless! Your subjects, innumerable! Your dominion, uncontested...

    Until now.

    Your empire's voracious expansion has awakened the anger of the natural world itself! Filled with rage and indignation at the devastation caused by your hordes and at your scornful unwillingness to pay due tribute, the burning wrath of each land has manifested in the form of a gargantuan beast of legend.

    They are the Sveruganti, bent on revolt!

    Only when each Sverugant has been forced by your imperial might to bend its knee and acknowledge your ascendancy will you have truly earned the right to wear the emperor's crown!

    A menacing rumble is heard throughout the Lowlands, signalling the start of the first challenge to your supremacy.

    A greenwood on the edge of your territory slowly begins to rise from the earth. With the sound of a million creaking branches, it soon takes on the shape of a dragon made of hardwood and bark, and with forests for wings. It is the size of mountains.

    The first of the Sveruganti, Lignabelua, is born!

    With a cry of rage, the monster takes to the skies and sets out in the direction of your capital...

    Today we're releasing Lignabelua of the Lowlands, the first Epic Battle in this new high level Epic Battle Series. As you complete Epic Battles in this series you'll stumble upon both Amberbound Equipment (Common) and Resonators (Rare).

    Once you have a piece of Amberbound Equipment you'll then need to find the required number of Resonators to break the seal, earning yourself the equipment contained within!

    Crown of the Zenitharch

    Level 1 Stats
    (1,039,500 Attack, 3,803,625 Defense, 259,875 Spy Attack, 874,125 Spy Defense)
    Level 11 Stats
    (1,677,375 Attack, 10,206,000 Defense, 637,875 Spy Attack, 3,803,625 Spy Defense)

    Boots of Maximal Oppression

    Level 1 Stats
    (1,263,938 Attack, 2,644,906 Defense, 561,750 Spy Attack, 1,825,688 Spy Defense)
    Level 11 Stats
    (1,755,469 Attack, 8,098,563 Defense, 1,053,281 Spy Attack, 6,272,875 Spy Defense)
  2. Well that's pretty epic! Pun intended..
  3. This is going to be amazing when I get the stats to do these ebs. Thank you for your hard work.

    P.S. Remember what I walled you.

    Will the amberbound equipment drop after you already got it? Or will it work like the scroll update?
  4. Just what kaw needed
  5. Same as scrolls hunting , nothing to see here. Try again ata were getting bored of this same ole song and dance.

    Where the hell is season 5?
  6. ^Stupid quoted the whole thing with no stupid reason?
  7. Cool! Nice Equipkent
  8. " meet the new boss , same as the old boss"
  9. How about this releasing new ebs for smaller players when was the last time they got a new eb? I suppose I have to have 40mil cs min to get in a clan to hit this crap.
  10. So new War coming soon? Eb OK but War better...
  11. So you dont want something they've done before but ask for another season? "Same ole song and dance" each season. Complaints, cryers, certain build favored, some system issue, war times not so great
  12. Another event for sealers and rich kids?
  13. Woo hoo! New stuff
  14. An EB series, not event lol
  15. Ur actually doin good stuff. Great turn around devs. Any word on when t6 halved or s5? Not anytime soon is an answer lol just plz answer
  16. Spelling noob