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  1. Over the past 9 years, the ZAFT Family has been a part of the KaW world. Love us or hate us, for good or bad, ZAFT has had a large piece of this game’s history. We have had our share of friends and enemies over this time. Nowadays, it seems like there are far more enemies. Over these years, we were on the front lines of many of the most epic wars ever fought, and our members enjoyed every minute of it. This game has changed over the years, but at its core, OSW is still the center of KaW’s history, and all of us are proud to have had our part in that.

    Now, as the game changed and evolved, so did our family. Growing from a ZAFT clan into the largest alliance the game had ever seen. Our family has been the home to too many legends to list. But with that growth as well as the constant WAR, came many other issues. It was one hell of a rollercoaster ride, but as of now, after 4 straight years of fighting, Carnage is all that is left. This may seem bad to others, but we find it fitting. We played this game as we loved. We played it as it was meant to be played. We fought some amazing wars, and we have earned the respect of many of our family, friends, enemies, and fellow players.

    At this time, it is with great sadness and with great pride that I tell you all that we are retiring the ZAFT name. ZAFT Carnage will removed our tags and press on as just Carnage. As everything in the game, our members have also changed. We are aware of much of the bad name and reputation that was associated with us in the later years of our alliance. Those of us who are still here have chosen not to rebuild or try to change that. Our past is our past. We will continue on as a war clan, but with a fresh start away from the ZAFT name and reputation, following a new direction that we feel is better suited for our members and our values. We have the Best of the Best of warriors right here. To my clannies it’s been a great ride as ZAFT. This is not my legacy. It belongs to Laoda and the founders, and it is Time to retire this awesome legacy and move forward with our own. Much love to my clannies for the “us against the kaw world” ride. I would fight for anyone of you til the end, and I love you all!

    We are proud to have fought along side of and against all of the true war vets of KaW.

    Respect to all the old Zafties still playing.

    Respect to our many enemies, our many past alliances and friends!!!

    Long Live Zodiac Alliance of Freedom Treaty (Z.A.F.T).
    Keep it classy KaW

    Carnage Boss Lady ️
  2. Wow.. I actually never thought I’d see the day. You guys were awesome whether I was visiting your clan or in your ca for those few months. Good times. I’m sure this thread will get  on by your numerous haters, but I will say much respect and thanks for keeping it real, the way KaW was intended to be played. 
  3. Moving onward and upward. Ty to all my past Zaft family for the times that we had, lots of good and some bad. But now it is time for Carnage to go our own way, forge new paths and make new friendships, forever remembering our past and where we came from.

    Vamp stamp
    Carnage forever
  4. Huge respect Lady, a true warrior. Much respect to all the great warriors who have fought hard and fought for each other. Icey
  5. Well said sexy
  6. Onward and upwards

    ✪☣ƈᎯરɴᎯĢε ✪☣
  7. Cheers to ZAFT. As often I fought against you as beside you in nearly every war, but it’s been a good run and I’ve enjoyed every step along the way. You’ve beyond set your stamp on the annals of KAW history.
  8. Well said boss lady. I started this game as ZAFT family and now almost 5 years later I’m still with that same family. Yes many have come and gone but this core squad is definitely sticking together as a family. It’s saddens my heart to say goodbye to the ZAFT name but this family still remains just as stronger as CARNAGE with or without the ZAFT tags.

    Rip ZAFT

    resident $Ҥł₦EƦ λ₦Ð ҤłŁŁBłŁŁ¥
  9. To a new begining 
  10. End of an era. Great opponents.
  11. Lots of respect.
  12. Having been friends with Laoda since close to the beginning it saddens me to see the ZAFT family go. Love them or hate them ZAFT has had one of the biggest impacts in this game since they were created, and has built one of the biggest dynasties possible in KaW.

    That being said, it's great to see Carnage shed the past and start anew. Having fought against you guys for a while, you're definitely worthy of your own legacy. I hope going forward you're given the chance by everyone to prove your own worth rather than carry the shadow of ZAFT like you want to avoid.

    Congratulations on making the change, I'm sure it wasn't an easy choice to make but I'm certain it'll turn out to be the right one. Good luck with future endeavours, Carnage.

    -With much respect, Ahdragos, CR Founder
  13. much respect for all of you! wish you the best in this new chapter as carnage.
  14. I got to know ZAFT members during my stay there 5yrs ago. A great group of warriors and a tight family, trully enjoyed my time as a member.
    Ive also experienced the other side, fighting them the past 3yrs. Could always count on incoming from Carnage.
    Have a laugh in pm with them as I was being hit.
    I have nothing but respect for you all and wish Carnage the very best on this new begining.

    KotFE Lord
    MaCHiNE Boss
  16. Well said Sexy. We were a great clan before ZAFT. We were a great clan with ZAFT and enjoyed our time with ZAFT but it is now time for us to continue playing KAW as Carnage. We fought many a good foe and we will continue to fight and create carnage when necessary. Much respect to all our friends, former enemies that are now friends, our enemies and new enemies.
  17. Much respect guys goodluck on ur future endevors
  18. Much respect guys!
  19. Respect to Zaft for the wars, the pvps and all the talk in between.
  20. Wftt . Been carnage since right b4 the osw n its been great. Zlas at its finest
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