Kingdoms at War: OSW Collection Thread

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  1. Kingdoms at War: OSW Collection Thread

    This is a simple thread idea that I am mostly wanting to make for my own amusement. It’s the my personal favorite collection of OSW and OSW history threads.

    Please feel free to enjoy, or even post some that I might have missed. I will evaluate those and most likely add them in.

    2 things to keep in mind:

    1.) I will be most likely adding more threads soon. These are primarily from 2012, after about 40 pages of threads and reading I decided to take a break for bit, but I will be adding more. (but in my opinion anything post 2013 isn’t worth reading, or at least from what I have seen)

    2.) I have posted these threads in as much order as I can to give a better timeline. These are in no particular order besides date (mostly).

    edit: tap on the titles of the threads to go to the thread, it isn’t shown clearly that they are links.

    Pure Evil’s Declaration of War on iG

    The OFFICIAL YAFI/AAH Smack Talking Thread

    These next 2 are some of my favorites! LOL

    SUN Alliance Offers a “Way” Out for KOTFE/CR/TS/WoG

    KOTFE/CR/TS/WoG Offer a Way Out for SUN Clans

    (this next one isn’t really a history thread but still funny to me for some reason)


    Hearts of Gold(HoG) Are About to Become Extinct

    From Laoda to Umbrella Corporation and Allies

    I call these The_Philosopher Chronicles. Whatever your opinion on Phil was, I personally count him as the only real war historian in the game.

    LR vs iG/BH Strip Catalogue

    History of the Osiris vs Ya_Judgment_Fi OSW

    Ya_Judgement_Fi vs Warlor OSW History Thread

    ZAFT Carnage vs Apoc

    Please post any threads or if you have any recollection of threads below, I will do my best to fill this out completely by the end of next week. Enjoy!
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  2. It's a shame they delete old threads if you don't necro bump em
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  3. I agree. I’ve tried my best to find/keep the oldest threads I could, but alas unless they’re sticky’d or in best of, doesn’t seem many survived from the pre-2012 era of KaW forums.
  4. Fun fact: fan fiction and strategy section threads aren't deleted over time. I think war section has the next longest keep duration
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  5. I am diving through pages of threads to collect the ones I remember or are interesting little bits of history. Strategy would be my next looking place.
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