History of the Osiris vs Ya_Judgment_fi Osw (Part I)

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  1. Osw sometimes come and go, but some drag on and on to the point where no one remembers the reason why they started. One such war has been the whole Osiris vs. Ya_Judgment_fi war which by my count has been going on for a good 13 months now, sucking a great number of warriors into its endless vortex. How did this all begin? Who is to blame? Who exactly were these clans before falling into osw hell? In this history I attempt detail to all one of the bloodliest (?) osw in Kaw history.

    Please note that in writing this I make not claim to presently be in any of these clans or on any of their councils, although I do claim to be an avid viewer and in contact with some members of these clans. If I have made any mistakes in my history, I’m sure there are many out there that will gladly correct me. Although I will be offering opinions, this is no way a smack-talking thread. Personally I feel big mistakes were made on both sides of this war.

    I Osiris

    Let’s start with Osiris. Osiris is a clan that started about the end of 2010 and quickly grew into one of the biggest clans in Kaw. In the summer of 2011, at the height of its power, there were 9(!) top fifty players in the clan, more than any other clan, including Zaft, could muster. It did this by having the most-profitable, best-run pwars around and the laxest rules for getting into the clan. They accomplished their pwar dominance by having three rich guys from Singapore (Os-rob, Os-Amour, Os-denz) and one rich guy from Europe (Os-Nckz) open their osfs with nobs instead of dropping pots creating the first never no-dtw pwars. People liked the convenience and Osiris found itself flooded with potential members. Awash with both bigger hitters and plenty of spy builds, Osiris began their system war career, warring from Os War clan, taking on and defeating all comers.

    II Factors in Osiris Downfall
    The fall from grace of Osiris and their first Yafi osw was caused by a number of factors, the biggest being a bit of greed at the top of Osiris and a failure to control its members.
    A. Greed
    First the greed. The problem with opening with nobs as opposed to money is that the osfs involved feel they always deserve a share of the plunder pie, even when the gold should have been used to support other vital areas of the Osiris family. Greed was rampant. Os-denz used plunder to HLBC his hitter, when what they needed was more HLBC spy builds. Os-rob would take plunder for his innumerous alts, saying he was building a secret Osiris farming clan, when actually he was selling off the accounts to the highest bidder. Only Nckz and Armour put the clan first, but neither of them did anything to stop Denz or Rob.
    As a result Osiris started the osw crippled without good size strip banks or farm clans to protect themselves with. To make matters worse, Os-rob decided to retire just as the war started (how convenient!) Even more despicable was the actions of Denz, who left the clan saying he sold the accounts, when in actuality he just changed his accounts names and moved to another clan, taking the 3 trillion or so he got in plunder tax with him. In short, the greed of these two crippled the clan overall.

    B. Failure to Control Members
    In its heyday, it was ridiculously easy to become perm in Osiris compared to, say, Zaft or IG. While this was great to attract big-stat players, there was little loyalty to the clan as a whole. Then when the pwars died the osw started, many of the “members” simply left.
    A bigger problem was with the members who didn’t leave. Os-Rob was always an advocate of “no rules”, but this resulted in members mercing all over the place, perhaps in places where they shouldn’t have been in the first place, as we shall see later on in the discourse.

    III The Three factors that caused the OSF

    A. The Wilders “Non-war”

    As I have said previously, Osiris was a clan that focused on system war and was very good at it. So good, in fact, that no one wanted to war them. If you have ever organized a system war, you know that it is a lot of hard work, and very frustrating when the deals fall through. Blame could be put plunder wars, but the fact is that most people in kaw like war….as long as they can win. However not many clans were willing to get their butts kicked by Osiris, and often the ones that did volunteer quickly found excuses to back out of the deals once they realized what they were up against. Wilders was one such clan.
    Now, I make no claim to know exactly the reasons why they did it (perhaps they had good ones), but moments before the system war was to begin, Wilders backed out of it. Frustrated by yet another cancelled system war, the big boys in Osiris made a bone-headed move. Some of them decided to take the WC to call out Wilders for turning yellow. Needless to say this was not appreciated by Wilders. They vowed to one day get back at Osiris for their crassness. In this way Judgement, the secret Wilders farm clan, was born.

    B. Mercing
    The Wilders incident got the ball rolling with the formation of Judgment, but it needed more support to take on Osiris. They were to find it with Osiris’ nasty mercing habit. The big boys in Osiris who were HLBC long ago, got bored with pwar and the inability to find many opponents for their own system wars, so quite a few spent mercing all around kaw. Mercs, however, often cause more problems than they solve. I remember being in once such clan, where we were surprised to see at least 9 big accounts from Osiris on our enemies side. Needless to say, our butts were handed to us on a platter and we were none too happy about Osiris’ appearance. It was like they were taking over whole other clans.
    This all came to a head when one day, disgusted to see so many Osiris mercs, clan members decided to leave the war, leaving only the owner active, who refused to forfeit. As a result the Osiris-backed clan had to wait a whole day with no one to hit before getting the plunder tax. They were pissed, and started farming the players who left. Suddenly Osiris had a whole bunch of enemies. You Asked For It (Yafi) was born.

    C Killa-Romeo
    Killa-Romeo is a prime example why clans should be careful not to just let anyone with big stats into their clan. He basically triggered the war, and then fled from Osiris the first chance he got. (For the life of me I have no idea why IG let this osw deserter into their clan. What happened to making people go to Ignite and Wit to prove their worthiness?)
    Romeo basically had the nasty habit most LB players had: whenever an ally was hired away, they would buy back and then farm the person who hired as punishment. The victim in this case was –x-Timothy-x- of Reunion. Tim was not willing to merely accept his punishment, he convinced several friends with big spy builds to form Yafi, and attacked Romeo and his clan. The first osw between Osiris and Yafi began in October 2011 and ended near the end of November. (Which to much amusement, didn’t really involve either Romeo or Tim).

    IV Yafi’s Plan of Attack
    For all the smack talk and grandstanding Yafi does, they are actually not that dangerous, especially to a bid clan like Osiris. Yafi strategy is not so much conquering their opponent but to annoy and bore the crap out of them. Being a clan comprised mostly of alts (as most farm clans are), they would just smack Osiris enough to disrupt Osiris’ usual activities. The strategy worked surprisingly well on a clan that was not used to osw like Osiris. Osiris halted their EBs, meaning their members couldn’t grow much, so those who wanted to grow left. Rob, Denz, Romeo, Naughty-Juliet, all left, and Os-Aprily was basically a no show. The problem with LB players is that they are often more interested in protecting their builds than sticking up for their clan mates. For example, in one of the most pathetic things I ever seen in Kaw, Juliet posted on Cambji’s wall, begging him to farm her instead of Romeo. Needless to say Osiris kicked her butt out soon afterwards. Yafi in turn ignored the big players on top, instead used their strip banks in Judgement clan to strip the smaller/medium builds who didn’t have to resources to replenish them. More players left and Osiris found itself at about half its original size when the cf was finally called two months later.

    This concludes the first Osiris/Ya_Judgment_fi war. Considering the length of it however, I think I will talk about the second war (dealing with the rebuilding of Osiris and the emergence of Os-strawberryJames) in another thread on another day. Cheers and happy trolling.
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    This is the first revision to the above statement.

    1) Appleseed has pointed out that the sticking issue between the Wilders/Osiris sw was Os-Rob's insistence that only tagged members be allowed to war. I'll let you be the judge of whether such a request was unreasonable or not (just spend 2 bucks and change your tag, dude) but this sticking point was enough to get the sw called off. Whatever the truth is, Osiris was definitely calling Wilders yellow on wc, which I believe was the root of their anger.

    2)Romeo was not merely hitting after buying back allies. He was threatening Timothy with strip farming if he did not voluntarily drop the allies for Romeo to buy back at a reduced price.

    3) the clan that stranded the Osiris mercs in a pwar was IC (Indomnable Comraderie). Sorry for that oversite.
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    Relatively accurate so far. I would debate as to where the Yafi strip funds came from. I was stripped by Hlneo alt for example as opposed to a judgment back.
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    yes Hlneo has her hands dirty as well. after the first osw lots of Yafi fled to Hlneo. However some banks were definitlely in Judgement. Yafi has gotten better at hiding their banks, but in the beginning they did leave tracks.
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    I guess you missed out AAH spy syndicate joining Osiris side which kinda links in to the second war as well.
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    I plan to get on to the second war, but after 4 pages and an hour of writing, I thought I'd split it up.
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    Timothy and Reunion also has their hands dirty. It boggles the mind why Osiris never bothered to go after him.
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    Ah yes AAH.
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    AAH comes in later in the story. Part One is the winter war. Part Two will be the spring war.
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    AAH were part of the first war tho. That was one of the issues Yafi had with the second that in their eyes AAH broke the cf from the first.
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    I'm trying to remember. I think AAh joined in about two weeks after the the OSW started but I'mnot sure.
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    There are so many clans involved now that the story would get to convoluted. I'm trying to stick to the main issues yafi and Osiris had with each other. Its kinda like Vietnam. Basically you got all these superpowers lending helping hands to tear the country apart.
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    Well written! 
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    You got the basics on how the first war started wrong ... Speak to someone who was actually directly involved Philosopher
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    Actually not that bad a thread and scaringly accurate about Yafi tactics, not sure about the rest as I wasn't around then but well written 
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    Good threadgood for people who didn't know the whole story (like me)
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    Locksley, could you clarify it? Serious question.
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    I think Locksley is saying that the first war as just as much AAH vs yafi as it was Osiris vs Yafi. However I think trimming the story to the main players to Osiris vs Yafi/Judgement is easier to understand, plus I don't know much about AAH. :lol:
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    Very nice read. I love these kinds of threads.

    Can't wait for book number 2