Ya_judgment_fi vs Warlor OSW history thread

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  1. Don't look now, but ya_judgment_fi just stripped 43T (!!!!) off ofWAR__bLacK__PLaGuE__LOR- .

    Lets say that again..... 43T 

    That's gotta smart something fierce.

    The reasons why are a little sketchy at the moment, but ill post the reasons as they come in.

    Get your popcorn, enjoy, and say a small prayer for all the poor souls involved.


    This war was started over an argument in the forums. A Ya_judgment_fi player was offered to war in a Warlor subclan, but was later denied the opportunity. IN the Week3 war 4 Thread this exchange took place.

    Re: Estoc Trials - Week #3 War #4 - General Update
    by -WAR__-II-IMI-IF-__LOR- on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:26 pm

    @Wilders...can you define who "us" is? Are we talking about Yafi or ZC? Both are highly respected clans. Instead of speaking in a vague and untruthful manner why don't you just come out and ask me what my thoughts are instead of putting words in my mouth from a third party? I don't even know who you are but your negative tone suggests you were maybe rejected from Warlor either because of your war record or the fact that you are a merc? The latter I have little respect for as we have had a few unloyal and unreliable mercs in the past and current have a perm member policy. Did I ever say we are spiritually high and mighty? I dont think so. All i said was that we dont cheat and respect should be give to the war record. Since you would like to know what i think about ZC... i'll tell you. It's a top heavy roster in need of balance. As your top are almost unhittable to most, it should come as no surprise that the bottom 4/5 are naturally taken out and sat on for plunder during EE. That enables close matches, most of which resulted in losses for ZC. I believe they are quickly learning EE and starting to improve in time ...much like us in the early days. I have a lot of good friends in ZC and they know this to be true from the many conversations we've had in pm. @Wilders: there are a lot of people in this world who are negative and/or coattail riding freeloaders. I have learned to push them out of my personal circle of friends as they do nothing but drag good/productive folks down. Don't be one those people 

    by WILDERS_JUDGMENT-_-SlFU on Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:16 am
    @IMF i was talking about your leader, which in turn i guess speaks for all of you.
    I was sent to one of your sub clans as i was mercing. If your perm only policy was in effect, i guess i wouldnt have even made it inside the clan. Instead a day later i was contacted and told to drop my allegiance with wilders/yafi or go back to wilders and lose with them. I was also told that you guys dont give out free miths and equips. Haha big headed much??
    This has nothing to do with ZC btw and im not here to talk to you about clan balancing. I'm just commenting on your clans values

    by IlWAR_VALORlI on Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:45 am
    @SIFU- if you want to bring this to forums , fine by me. I told you to stay in a Warlor clan you need to be perm. No EE clan worth their salt Mercs , it's simple - loyalty wins EE Mercs don't. You were let into a Warlor clan by dropping a Warlor leaders name . I said I don't appreciate deception and respect those who lie even less. You took advantage of a clan less than a day old. I gave you an opportunity to declare your current alliance. Anyone who applies to a Warlor clan must be perm, there is no secret about it.
    You told me not to disrespect a YAFI member. YAFI won't get you into Warlor, don't expect entrance based on your name or clan. I told you don't lie to try to get in, because we don't hand out mith and equipment. This doesn't make us high and mighty, we have a closed roster. I wouldn't lie to get into a YAFI clan, I would expect YAFI members would be just as respectful. If our clan "values" disagree with yours, to each our own. 

    by WILDERS_JUDGMENT-_-SlFU on Fri Apr 19, 2013 1:56 am
    I was looking for a place to war. So i asked a friend. Then i was directed to go to warhounds. I wasnt trying to get into your fantastic warlor clan. Just wanted a place to war. Win or lose i dont care.
    And then you approach me like you're the queen and diss wilders. Big mistake

    Tell me. If you dont accept mercs in warlor then how did i get in and why were the instructions in ca "warlor members cast woc and guests to wall dark first...."

    by _NasH_ on Fri Apr 19, 2013 2:19 am
    WILDERS_JUDGMENT-_-SlFU wrote:Tell me. If you dont accept mercs in warlor then how did i get in and why were the instructions in ca "warlor members cast woc and guests to wall dark first...."

    Only if you know what we are doing, you could be a lesser noob than what you are. Now sushhh
  2. That doesn't exactly mean they declares war.
  3. Just messin', we've known this for hours bud ;)
  4. Yafi is presently giving as a reason for attacking warlor as "clan arrogance". Feel they need to be taught a lesson. Still waiting for more details.
  5. Here is my amature take on this situation.

    Warlor Hellhounds has occasionally looked outside clan to gather the numbers needed to war in the difficult time slots. However when Hellhounds itself became popular, it turned around and said "Thanks but no thanks" to the Mercs.

    Now here is the the clincher. Which is more important? Should Warlor look out for the needs of it own perms, or should they honor the promises they made to guests?

    While I can understand their distrust for mercs, as long as you actively recruit guests to war with you, those guests needs should take precedence over your own. That is just proper manners. IMO I think SIFU has a right to be upset.
  6. Gee worm. Gotta give me room to get some reserved in.
  7.  This OSW should be a good read 
  8. Ouch. That hurts. Explains why that yafi member stopped farming me though..
  9. We are worms. We wait for no man/woman or bird.
  10. Apparently there was some smack talk from the warlor member, yafi decided they had enough and removed him from the LB.
  11. Hey Phil I don't mean to burst your bubble. But Appleseeds kinda hinted at this war awhile ago
  12. 43T. Just to put that into perspective, the guy will need to spend 10 grand in nobs to get that bfa back.
  13. pass the popcorn plz :)
  14. I know he hinted. So what's your point?
  15. Poor guy.. Should be a fun war! Warlor will be out of ewar now I assume.. Sucks for them, good for the clans usually against them.
  16. Good for YAFI! WarLoR are ******* up themselves.
  17. Just enjoy the thread, worm. Lol
  18. Don't worry Phil. This war thread I will actually read.

    At least warlor won't be in ewars anymore.