Zaft Carnage vs. Apoc

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  1. okay the word is Zaft LB member Harbringer of Wrath was just stripped an obscene amount. The number 400T is floating around. wondering what brave soul had the courage to do this just days before the new lands were to come out.

    Update: Not sure what kind of incoming is happening, but several Apoc clans have declared war on Zaft Carnage as a whole.

    Okay, from what i gather, Harb was doing the same thing Bom was doing, basically hit hiring. About 2 days ago, he hit hired off of two members of Apoc, apparently hitting one to the tune of 500B. He then threatened to strip another member of Apoc who tried to discuss the problem. Apoc as a whole had enough of these antics, and decided to teach him a lesson much like WDGAF did to Bom. This is a separate incident with no apparent relationship the the NA/Yafi dispute.

    Once again this is all Apoc doing.

    Update: Harb disputes the above explanation given by Apoc. Will possibly release his own thread soon.


    Harb has released his own thread, calling Apoc cowards who have apparently begged Zaft for cf before. Harb states Zaft will never cf on Apoc again. In regards to hit-hires, accused IMf of hypocrisy, saying he regularly hit-hires as well. Harb says he hasn't hired-hit off of apoc in three months, but Apoc is telling me it was in the last few days.


    Attempted strip on hfcevm, 40T probably only half taken.

    Update: this OSW is defintely on. Harb says Zaft will drag Apoc to Hell with them.

    Update: TS stripped Zalgo in Zaft faith clean.

    Day Two


    Zaft clans that have been confirmed to be in this apoc war besides Carnage are Ultra Clan, Faith and Fury.(add Zaft Corp to this)
    Apoc apparently heard rumours of a planned Fury strip and decided to strip first. Dirty Larry was stripped 8T(don't know how much taken) , Foxiee in Ultra clan stripped 4.7T

    Attempted 15T strip of Powerpugs in Ultra clan.
    Zaft Ghost Legendz is getting incoming from Sparta Elite. No reported strips so far.

    Day 3


    The Zaft/WDGAF alliance is dead. No ill-will but no WDGAF clans will be riding to the rescue this time.

    There is some talk of kicking Harb to get a CF. After all, it was Harb's alleged actions that lead to the OSW, and apparently not all members of Zaft agree with those actions.


    Zaft UL is defintely being left alone. Members in UL are hitting NA.

    strip on ps -Jaeger (GL) 6T cleaned

    Corrupted_d4l3knight fury 50t , left 15T

    Day 4


    here is a partial list of Apoc strips.

    Harbinger_of_wrath 300t+: cleared
    Hfcevm 40t: 25t taken
    Foxiee 4.7t: cleared
    Dirtylarry 7t: 3.5t taken
    Powerpugs 15t : 11t taken
    Corrupted darkight 43T, 27T taken
    Gor-illa 3.5T cleared
    lIlIl________Steve______lIllI 4.5T

    Omets are going to help Zaft apparently because they lack the common sense to leave a clan at OSW. (What exactly is the reasoning
    Fury's Vengance has also entered the war.


    Zaft some sources are saying the rumor of harb bieng kicked is false. Zaft will stand by their clanmate.

    49 days later

    Silph, Cella, REdstar, and UL leader Kai all left Zaft UL. Two days later they told the rest of the clan they had real life/ work issues that interferred with their ability to OSW. Rest of Zaft UL was absorded into Zaft.

    There have been strips both sides, but Apoc seems to be more persistent with daily strips in the 100-500B range and about a once-a-week strip of a few Trillion. Zaft Carnage still holding out with 84 members. Chaos, and dirty Larry made a big deal of finishing top ten in the resent PVP event which shows Zaft still had fight in them despite being pressed by Apoc.
  2. Re: 400T on Harb?



    some ppl saying the number was just a bit over 300T not 400

    n8mills has been stripped in Carnage. Amount taken unknown.

    reprinting Harb's statement here:

    As you are aware of Apoc did what they usually do and declare war like cowards by stripping someone unsuspected. Then beat their chest like they did something to. Thanks for all the pm's but I can't reply to everyone now it would consume my day.

    Do not feel bad for me. This is really a game and in the grant scheme of life this is insignificant. Am I upset about the cowardice act of Apoc? Yes, will I lose sleep about being stripped? No. I save so many hundred of dollars to not have to worry about allies etc lol. Please do not feel discouraged by the cowardice be motivated that's what Laoda would of wanted. If I can get over it then you can erase any sad feelings for me.


    Now back to the game. We ceased fire Apoc before and they came like snakes and stripped defiant. We ceased fired Apoc again and they came like snakes and stripped me. ZAFT do not cf Apoc again. After a few months or a year they will ask for cf like they always do. We do not need to grant it. Let the weak run, let those without perseverance dissipate. Someone once said 'those that stand for nothing will stand for anything'. Let the snake call Apoc falters. This is a game my friends and you have to stand for something. They will come in a few months to sway with their words. Don't ever believe them or entertain them. They are liars and if they are ever granted cf again they will do this yet again to someone else.

    I am sure they will manufacture some crazy story like they always do and spin things like they always have but don't fall or listen to it.

    Apoc, the Piper will be collecting, and no one is safe and it won't matter what clan you are in 8 months from now or whenever, all that matters is what your affiliation is today. The debt will be paid.
  3. Re: 400T on Harb?

    Sandra Sully
  4. Re: 400T on Harb?

    Apparently NA did it
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    Yea. NA................
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    U **** with the bull. U get the horns. RIP Harb.

    Kotfe Lord
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    Yea, yea... It was just NA............
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    You're damn quick Phil.
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    Quicker than harb
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    I love you guys
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    Apoc has new KaW record now I thinks
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    New Age did not do this strip, i only made 1 fb before he went DTW...

    grats to those did the stripp....

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    Quicker than harb lmao mare
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    Well we just figured with all those pathetic OSW banners in zaft all for new age, that maybe we could provide the Osw for real.

    I'm hungry. U hungry Harb?
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  16. Re: 400T on Harb?

  17. Re: 400T on Harb?

    hard time believing NA has a few hundred trillion lying around...
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    looks like Apoc were the masterminds of this all
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    Twicc just said It wasn't them. Nightmare just said it was apoc lol
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