Upgrade building tokens

Discussion in 'Ideas + Feature Requests' started by cgs17, Oct 12, 2019.

  1. I think it would be a good idea if you can upgrade tokens that you dont need to the next land like 100 low land tokens upgrade to 10 high lands and so on
  2. This needs to happen, I accidentally purchased way too many lowland tokens. I have 1400 leftover 🙃
  3. Could devs pls start by getting rid of obsolete features? To name a few; Vanished Paladins, HTE Aqua, relic drops that no one uses, etc.

    Then pls start updating features like the eq from Zoma so that eb can be fun again and opening Alters of Brand isn't just a waste of time. Speaking of which, ZTA is now finished by most clans like a ROTWB. If devs would make ZTA a good value again, maybe someone would start a 5 circle drop ZTA clan. Surely devs have noticed kaw has gone from having at least 5 premium clans to 2. Very sad and unnecessary. Just FIX what's obsolete, please.

    Also, please put the HUGE CLAN ADS under a different tab, and if "Gifts" is never coming, GET RID OF IT!

    Lastly, PLEASE give us a guide to know which ebs drop which event items.

    Thank you!
  4. Kinda ruins the idea of plates, imo. But i like the idea. One way to use plates is to sell a building you have, then re-build with plates, to gain gold for upgrades to other buildings / allies. - A nice guide for the best plate:gold ratio can be seen here, on the 2nd post: https://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/threads/guide-to-crest-plate-use.183520/

    With event items, a guide of this is seen here (although numbers not 100% correct, item names changes each event & missing noth, would be nice for a quick update on this!): https://forum.kingdomsatwar.com/threads/♔-item-drops-from-epic-battles-♔.184953/

    I feel the clan ads are ok, maybe re-sized dependant on the amount of lines in the message would be nice (e.g. if there was 1 line of text, the scroll would be shorter than 4 lines of text). Doesn't get in the way too much when WC is active.

    ZTA is getting fairly easier since FS came out, and NK can be smashed fairly quickly. It would be nice to see ZTA remain, but adding a Blood Reign (BR) mode of this (at 17% or 19%, due HTE being 15%). However, its still a nice, low & quick EB to complete for the week. There are a few events that throw some premium eb's for 2 weeks (like NTO & Khal'Kor), and that does die down fairly quickly nearer the end, which is also super good for nobility:gold ratio (doesnt cost much to open & provides a decent amount of gold).

    Although we've not seen HTE Aqua etc. re-opened for a while, this may reappear again in the future. But, it would be nice to keep them hidden so newer players dont feel super confused about it, etc etc. There are also periodic cleanups that happen too, which is nice to see.