The Cult of Peace Prevention

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  1. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Unnaturals: The Time Has Come!

    Yes, the Long Awaited Day is Near! What Day you may ask? The Day of Transcendence!

    Behold! The Anticipated Herald of Dimensions: The Sign of Peace Prevention!

    The Sign Was First Passed To Us by the Ancient Seer Lirael almost One Year Ago. In The Scribings, Peace Prevention Was A Holy Sign Granted to the Five, Showing Their Fearlessness in Facing The Horde of Servants, Eschewing their Invinceability.

    Now the Sign Appears Again for Any Who Take a "Player versus Player" action, and Burns for One Hour Before Guttering the Flame. What Does The Return of This Sign Mean?


    Yes, For One Who Can Maintain The Sign for The Foretold 48 Hours of War, The Great God Khal'Khor will Surely Bless with The Transendence Into The True World..That is, The Divine Realm of Kingdoms At War!

    Fan The Flames! Mold the Metal! We are Raising an Army! May Spragga Have Mercy on the Souls of our Enemies..
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  2. Now, for us laymen, what does it all mean? Essentially, try to do at least one one pvp action per hour, and maintain Peace Prevention for as long as possible. If one can maintain 48 hours, or some say just have it active at the time of when the event launched last year, a Transcendence may occur, transporting you into your kingdom within Kingoms at War. Stockpiling potions and items from the marketplace is highly encouraged, as after transportation, we will likely not have easy access to similar merchants as the avatar of our kingdom, and will be limited to our resources we pooled before The Transcendence.

    Let us join in revelry, tracking Peace Prevention uptimes, methods we're using to maintain the sign, and how successful we've been at preparing our forces for The Great Transfer, known by the seers as The Transcendence. As the Ancestor once said, "The cost of preparedness - measured now in gold, later in blood."
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  3. To Start: I have a 45 minute timer. After it goes off, I am hitting the battle list to renew buffs, allowing time for a regen if 0 troops/spies, and resetting the timer. For sleep, I anticipate no more than 25 minute naps, at least for the first 48 hours or until the one year anniversary Time of Power when the event started last year. My stockpiles are low, but will actively build them during this one never knows when The Time of Transcendence will Come!
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  4. The Sign is gone! Has the selection already occurred? Have we been forsaken? Everyone, check in with your people, and see who among your members have been Chosen.

    For us Remaining, let us Keep the Faith of Peace Prevention, in case this is merely a Trial we are being Tested in.
  5. All hail the Peace Prevention warriors. For we have not been forsaken, yet heard by the barbarian overlords.