The Champions of Khal'Khor

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  1. The Champions of Khal'Khor

    "At last, you have reached the Temple of Viskard, home to powerful magics that can bind the evil god Khal'Khor and save the Mage's soul. But Khal'Khor's servant, Leidamea, is ready for you...and she is not alone.

    Five of the land's mightiest kingdoms have chosen to stand with Leidamea in exchange for a dark reward: the chance to win some of Khal'Khor's power. Prepare yourself for a fierce fight...only one side will be victorious!"

    This event consists of a primary Legend and a team collection Legend available immediately, as well as a set of three side-Legends that will unlock shortly after. These side-Legends will offer players a choice of Easy, Medium, or Hard. The rewards increase with each difficulty level, but so does the challenge. Players WILL be able to complete each level once the previous choice has been completed. Additionally, there will be a team vs team world collection event, explained below.

    This event will be available from Wednesday, June 5th until Wednesday, June 19th at Noon PT.

    Team collection

    Five of KAW's strongest warriors have joined Leidamea and Khal'Khor! Work together with your team to donate Demonic Souls to "TheMage" or "Leidamea", bolstering your team's strength for the upcoming fight! Your respective NPC will be pinned to the top of your battle list. Simply "attack" and half of your collected Demonic Souls will be given to them, down to a minimum of 100. In return, you will receive Demonic Servants, which will track how much you have personally contributed.

    There are only 5 players on Leidamea's team. The rest of the playerbase is on the Mage's team!

    The Mage


    Please note if you decide to participate in the PvP weekend, your battle list will be replaced with the PvP one, meaning the NPCs will no longer be at the top. Fear not! You can simply search for "TheMage" or "Leidamea" by name and attacking to donate will work normally.

    You can check both teams' status on the Demonic Soul Leaderboard. The winning team will earn a special achievement, signaling their triumph!

    Khal'Khor's offerings

    Khal'Khor has given his champions a powerful protective magic that will protect them from all incoming attacks. Work together with your team to protect each other during this event!

    Each champion will be given a number of Demonic Protection items. To activate this item, purchase the Incantation of Khal'Khor from the marketplace.

    How this works:
    • Once activated, you will receive the Khal'Khor's protection buff and be protected from all PvP actions for 6 hours. Your teammates will also gain immunity, but will not receive the buff (i.e. the buff shows who cast the spell)
    • If you attack another player, you will be given a Peace Prevention debuff for 1 hour. During this time, you can be freely attacked, even if you are shielded, and you also cannot purchase the Incantation of Khal'Khor
    • If you cast a shield, then attack someone while having the Khal'Khor's protection buff, the shield effect will fully break for all 5 members

    Demonic Protection

    Incantation of Khal'Khor

    Khal'Khor also offers his hardest-working warrior a special reward: a one-of-a-kind pet, the Hound of Khal'Khor, for his top champion.

    Exclusive Furnishings

    Furnishings exclusive to The Champions of Khal'Khor will be available in the Furnishings Shop, Viskard Temple Box, and Royal Viskard Temple Box.

  2. They said it was going to be unique but it looks like a reskin of the old team event
    Edit) Nevermind, I misread. This event is all of KaW versus 5 players. Not two teams of even numbers.
  3. How do we get minions of khalkhor? Are we all champions of him? Who are our other 4 champions that the buff applies to? Does casting the buff really apply to the WHOLE team (half of KaW) at once? Who is Gibby o_O
  4. Nice pictures
  5. Sorry for the confusion. There are two teams: the top 5 players from the previous event are on one team together, and the rest of KAW on the other. Minions of Khal'Khor are only available for Leidamea's team! :)
  6. How do we know what team we are on
  7. Go to your battle list. The NPC is your team.
  8. Then this will be great? Can’t we just pin the 5 top players last event on the opposite team and then they can’t get any items??
  9. Yup, that is entirely possible.
  10. Looks mine a reskin of that white peacock were these set pieces random and then just colored in yo look Like they belong together i guess you dont need a good looking set When you throw up a super challenge for a premium legend way yo take the eyes off the ugly truth way to go trump
  11. Tldr;
    Ok. So kaw vs 5 and we are working to donate more than them. The 5 are the top earners from the last event. They get boosts on donations.

    For all players it's:
    Hit eb rotation, combine items for donation, then hit NPC in BL to donate.
  12. How do peanut sized accounts succeed against the top 5?
  13. That's why they got the special spells, but they'll still have to use them strategically..
  14. ty
  15. Ahh it's donations not actual hitting the top five accounts....thanks mei
  16. I heard gibby is a god :cool:
  17. What’s the boost the top 5 players get? Is it around 100x effectiveness on their donations?