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  2. It was another quiet night.
    Too quiet. The usual sounds of nocturnal animals had been absent in the kingdom for awhile.
    A stranger had appeared in the lands. He had been described as draped in furs with a necklace of small skulls about his neck. It was said he had the appearance and demeanor of a rat. It was said that animals avoided him, and if you were wise, you would too.

    Meanwhile, in another part of the kingdom, Tomhasir had petitioned an audience with the king. The king was always wary of the vagrant, his visits were always the portent of something bad happening in his kingdom, and a new set of furniture to get used to. He listened patiently at Tomhasir's warning about the ratman, the evil he could draw from the land, the destruction he could wreak in the kingdom. He called together his council. Tomhasir repeated his warnings to the mage, the sword master, the spy master and the oracle and they prepared in their own way, though for what they did not really know.

    Now, there was a scratching sound, coming from the ground. A rat's head popped out, sniffed the air, then pulled itself free of the ground. Shortly afterwards another rat in another place did the same. Now throughout the kingdom rats were appearing, scurrying away to hide in dark places, to wait.
    This activity was not unnoticed. Cats ran from where they were sleeping to hide. Dogs cowered and sought out their owners for mutual protection. Children told parents and parents gossiped, soon the word spread back to the castle. Plans were made, swords were sharpened, patrols doubled.

    The sun set and the rats came forth, with sharpened tooth and claw, attacking the people of the kingdom.
    The soldiers attacked back, stabbing, slashing and stamping on the vermin. The rats would not die, healing their cuts and wounds as fast as they were made.

    The oracle recalled an ancient text and gave word that the rats should be beheaded and the bodies burned with rain of fire. The children were sent to the market. Potions were bought and toilet paper hoarded.

    Soon fires were burning through the village with the stench of burning fur and the sulphurous smell of the rain of fire. The discarded heads faded to skulls which were crushed under foot.

    In no time, the village was cleared.

    "That was quite easy" the monarch beamed.
    "Merely phase one" replied the oracle as more rats erupted from ground, bigger and fiercer than ones they had already bested.
    "Phase one?", the monarch was perplexed, "what are these 'phases' you speak of, how many are there?"
    "The phases repeat, each harder than the last, there is no end".
    "Then we are doomed, is there not anything we can do?" the monarch was resolute, "we will fight to the last man and woman, we will die proud".
    "There is one chance", the oracle gave hope, "if we can find the ratman, we may stop his foul magic and stop this tide of rats".
    "Recall the assassins, send them out to scout the ratman". The monarch ordered. "Get my Abyssal Blade for it affords me double damage, load up my supply of health crystals, I'll lead us through this nightmare".

    With blade swinging the monarch lead the battle against the hoard of fierce rats.
    And the hoard of rabid rats.
    And the hoard of giant rats.
    And the hoard of bear-rats.

    Many health crystals down, the scouts returned, they had found the ratman but he was protected by a sheild of evil made real.

    The oracle and mage conferred, and, with a worried frown the oracle turned to the monarch, "We believe we can destroy the shield with dragon's breath, but there are risks".
    The monarch was quick to reply, "do we have a choice? Get the dragon's breath".
    The dragon's breath destroyed the sheild and seeing his end imminent, the ratman gathered the power of the potion and the dead rats burning bodies and, in a ball of magic, a fiercesome dragon-rat materialised with the head of the ratman topping the sinewous neck.
    "We're going to need help here", the monarch whispered to the oracle as he let forth a battle cry.
    The oracles eyes went white for a few seconds, "ao" the oracle replied.
    The battle hardened troops stood shoulder to shoulder as they swung their mighty swords against ratman horror.
    Seemingly from nowhere, a host of other kingdoms appeared and joined the battle. Slowly the battle turned to the favour of the allied troops, the sound of swords redendering the beasts flesh punctuated by battle cries. Slowly the health of the dragon-rat deteriorated until, with a death shriek the monster fell convulsing on the battle field. Battle over and tranquility returned to the realm.
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  3. Happy Kawlloween
    Darkness falls across KaW‘s lands the midnight hour is close at hand, epic creatures crawling in search of blood to terrorize the high & lowlands neighborhoods. & whosoever shall be found without their souls for getting down will stand & face the howls of hell & rott inside the corpse & shells. The foul stench fills the air the funk of dead bodies thousand years & grizel ghouls from every tombs are closing in to SEAL KaW‘s DOOM!! & though your epic monsters fight battles to stay alive, GOTH NOTH AOTA starts to shake & shiver. for no mere troops & spies can resist, the legendary EVIL of THE THING from THE ABYSS.🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃
  4. Deep in the forest outside the lowlands is a small village.The air that night was deathly still. Not even the slightest breeze could be felt, but even the slightest glance at the horror that befell the village would chill you to the bone. The village has been decorated with pumpkins, candles and an alter for people to pay their respects to the souls of the dead. Broken tables with food scattered around littered the areas and a single firepit in the centre, just barely aflame, but there was no one around to be seen. Splatters of blood surround the fire pit covering ripped clothing and small gnawed at bones, the only thing that can be heard are ominous screams and low rumbling thunder in the distance.

    A few days earlier…

    A kingdom lies in the vast and open plain of the lowlands. Many creatures inhabit these open spaces, and inside the walls a guild hall sits. The guild master has called a party of adventurers into his office; the Leader a silver haired swordsman called Kurzt, a beautiful mage called Sarielle, an archer called Henri and a dagger wielding assassin called Eriol.
    “I have called you here, as we have a situation on our hands. Near Areld village in the forest travelers, alchemists and even some villagers have been going missing and we need you to investigate for us and if you can stop more people being abducted,” said the Guild master.
    “Aren’t missing people jobs usually a job for the kingdom guard to handle?” Asks Kurzt
    Sarielle slaps him and reprimands him for being insensitive.
    “You are correct, but unfortunately most of them have joined the army in a conflict” replied the guild master.

    They all had sat and discussed the job for around an hour before they accepted and took off for Areld Village. After riding on horseback for a day, they had just made it to the edge of the forest where they made a camp. They noticed there doesn’t seem to be many creatures that usually attack travellers;
    “Must be due to the bandits who the guild master suspects is behind these abductions” states Henri.
    The rest of the party agrees as Eriol offers to take first watch incase bandits try to Pilfer or abduct them while they rest. Sarielle awakens after a few hours and lets Eriol rest. In the middle of her watch she hears footsteps in the distance an ethereal song that sounds almost hypnotic fills the air “what is this” she thinks to herself as her eyes feel heavier and heavier slowly becoming more disorientated her body becoming weaker using the last of her energy she casts a protective field around their camp to protect them all. When she awakens the next morning Henri says he woke up to find her asleep and no-one on watch Sarielle explains what happened during the night and how she cast magical barriers to protect them but they didn’t believe her because of that she did omit one part of the story, that before passed out she saw a large shadowy figure with glowing red eyes walking past their camp.

    They took the last journey towards Areld village. An opening appears to a large clearing where the village resides. They see farmers working and villagers decorating an open space. The village elder arrives and greets the adventurers and tells them that have arrived during preparations for a festival on All Souls day. Eriol and Sarielle offer to help the villagers with decorating as Kurzt and Henri explain to the elder why they are there and that they plan to investigate in and around the village.
    “I thank you for helping us! I shall have the inn prepared a hot meal and a room for you at once” the elder says cheerfully.
    They thank him and return outside to tell others as Kurzt steps outside and looks into the clear blue skies he takes a deep breath and decides to talk to the villagers so after telling the others his plan he sets off talking to as many villagers as he can with Henri. After finishing helping decorating Eriol retires to the inn but Sarielle wonders around the village looking for clues as she walks around she hears a young boy telling the other children a story about a monster living in the forest a tall beast with a raven like skull red eyes and sharp claws remembering the previous night she runs over asks him if he’s seen it he nods and runs away. They all regroup that night and share findings, Kurtz believes this is the work of bandits looking to pilfer and kill travellers, Henri and Eriol gesture with agreeing nods but Sarielle has her doubts she retells her story from the other night and what the young boy was telling his friends but Kurzt interrupts;
    “Few monsters live here and since we’ve arrived we’ve seen nothing”
    Realising her defeat she doesn’t argue back and decides to go to her room and rest.

    The other three return from their investigations and Henri explained that he had found a cave where the surrounding grass and trees have all died, and he could hear something in the cave. Kurtz jumps up and says “Finally a decent clue! That must be where the bandits are hiding we might find the missing people”
    So he plans to go into the cave during the day next day as he suspects the bandits chose the cover of night to attack. After discussing his plan they all prepared themselves and rest.

    The next day they arrive at the cave, a foul stench is coming from deep inside, Sarielle casts orb of illumination so they can see inside the cave. After walking deeper within they find an opening to a large cavern, their are steps leading down an ancient looking workshop with a magic circle with strange inscriptions on the floor;
    “I think this belonged to a mage or alchemist as I sense a strong magical energy was once here” Sarielle whispers.
    “Theres seems to be no bandits here. Maybe this is just a dead end” replies Kurtz.
    The work shop floor is full of bones and some seem to be very old. Kurzt finds a journal, with only a single faded page left in it, on the desk that he reads aloud. “Day 1… I have succ..fully opened a portal to …
    Day 1.. the portal o… and … came …”
    The page was illegible after as something had been spilt on it. An ominous chill can be felt the air suddenly becomes icy cold as if they were in the back in the unkari ice tree they visited the year before, a long breath can be heard behind them and the orb of illumination disappears. What a time for that spell to run out they all think, they turn around to see a shadowy figure with two glowing red eyes by the stairs, Sarielle spots torches on the walls and cast a spell to light them and as the fire brightens the room, they see the abomination those glowing eyes belong to, in its hand a half eaten torso which they all assumed must be a missing traveler Sarielle recalls the description of the Shadowfael Scavenger from the book she read; “a true monstrosity - a skull faced, feathered and hooved ghoul whose long arms and claws are its weapons…”
    Out of fear of this beast she casts Holy wrath which caused it to jump behind them taking advantage whilst its was distracted Kurzt activated a scroll of blindness, causing the monster to lose its sight and hit straight into the wall and then they all run to the exit they nearly escaped the cave as the scavenger flies past them at such a speed. Henri used shoots three unkari arrows which are blessed with ice that causes the area they hit to freeze. Eriol uses he speed to get close up and cut off its frozen wings, it shrieks so loud it causes him to collapse and stabs its claw into him and fling him out the cave. Kurzt drinks an elixir, whilst it boosts his abilities. also it makes him go berserk for a while. His last sane thought it to tell the others to escape and to cast a barrier to stop either from escaping the cave. As Henri and Sarielle run out the cave Kurzt is attacking the scavenger its claw slashed his chest and he fell to the floor, a fire ball hits the monsters face and three more arrows Pierce its arm, a berserk Kurzt cuts the beasts arm off and continues to overwhelm it with his power Sarielle cast a magical barrier on the entrance of the cave. Like on that first night an ethereal song like noise came from inside the cave, but this time she could withstand it, perhaps this power only works on each person the once however Henri became weak and fainted it also seems that Kurzt in his berserk state also seemed unaffected by this other-worldly lullaby. Eriol is on floor in terrible shape but using a scroll of healing Sarielle healed his wounds. After 20 minutes of fighting, all the noises in the cave had ceased. Hoping the beast is dead, she called out;
    “Kurzt is..is it dead?”
    A strained voice from inside replies, “ye.. yes, need help”
    Worried, she removed the barrier as Kurzt stumbles out with the skull of the beast in his hand and he collapses.

    They return to the village elder and explain what they found. He is shocked that such a creature existed in the forest.
    “You’ve done a tremendous job to help this village. Please at least stay and enjoy our festivities tonight” the Village Elder with relief that his worries are gone.
    They all agree and kindly accept his offer.

    The evening had arrived and a large banquet has been prepared and served onto large tables in the festival areas. Henri and Eriol stuffing there faces with food straight away. Each person in the village goes up the alter and leave a flower a prays for peace for the spirits of the dead, all the party took part in the event and eat food and drunk wine. Kurzt walks over to a fire pit where the children are singing songs and joins in. Sarielle rejoins Eriol and Henri to celebrate finishing another job. Dark stormy clouds blanket the night sky but the party continues. The singing of the festival still continues but they realise that it's not the happy song of children singing but the ethereal song of a scavenger, its not quite the same as the all feel their consciousnesses fading as they turn around and Kurzt is standing at the fire pit, his face as is pale almost white as snow and his eyes glowing red…

    The end
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  5. I hate it when my brother Charlie has to go away. My parents constantly try to explain to me how sick he is. That I am lucky for having a brain where all the chemicals flow properly to their destinations like undammed rivers. When I complain about how bored I am without a little brother to play with, they try to make me feel bad by pointing out that his boredom likely far surpasses mine, considering his confine to a dark room in an institution. I always beg for them to give him one last chance. Of course, they did at first. Charlie has been back home several times, each shorter in duration than the last. Every time without fail, it all starts again. The neighbourhood cats with gouged out eyes showing up in his toy chest, my dad's razors found dropped on the baby slide in the park across the street, mom's vitamins replaced by bits of dishwasher tablets. My parents are hesitant now, using "last chances" sparingly. They say his disorder makes him charming, makes it easy for him to fake normalcy, and to trick the doctors who care for him into thinking he is ready for rehabilitation. That I will just have to put up with my boredom if it means staying safe from him. I hate it when Charlie has to go away. It makes me have to pretend to be good until he is back.
  6. I sat heavily against the wall, trying to make my breathing as silent as possible. Any small movement could reveal my whereabouts. As my chest moved up and down, the condensation from my breath mixed with floating particles of dust illuminated by the moonlight which streamed down from the window above.

    All was quiet but the slow groan of the ancient, abandoned building singing its defiance against the blistering winter winds. I closed my eyes and listened, willing my senses to work harder than they ever had. I felt a cold draft and leaned back further against the wall. As I did, a nail fell onto the floor. It made a soft tink sound as it landed. My eyes shot open and the world went eerily silent.

    "Are you there?" said a voice as soft as a child's. My breath caught and I felt the cold seep into my soul.

    "Are you there?" This time it sounded closer, right around the corner from where I sat. A wave of nausea unsettled my insides. I tried to swallow but my mouth was completely dry. I trembled and moved closer to where the voice was coming from. Slowly I peered around the corner. As my eyes adjusted to the dark, I tried to make out what I was looking at.

    Just as I thought I was alone again, a twisted, monstrous figure stepped into the moonlight emanating from a nearby window. I tried to quell the rising panic as it shot through my nervous system and pumped adrenaline through every inch of my body. The demonic animal fixed its dead, black eyes on me, then swung its large head to look at me head-on. It opened its long, grotesque jaws, revealing its sharp teeth and a long, red tongue. It gagged, and what looked like entrails spewed out onto the floor in front of me. Blood and gore dripped from its teeth as its mouth curled into some kind of sick smile. It laughed and shouted demonically "ARE YOU THERE?!"

    I got up and backed away with such force that I broke through the side of the building and fell down a snowy embankment, hurtling towards the cliff and river below, all the while hearing the screaming laughter of the demon.

    I awoke on the bank of the river, the full moon lighting up my surroundings as though it were daytime. My memory was hazy and my head hurt. I must've tumbled off the cliff. I had never felt so exhausted in my entire life and every part of my body seemed to hurt. I got up slowly and hobbled towards some snow-covered rocks nearby, shivering profusely. I looked at my phone.

    *1 hour left*

    I tried calling Sophie, but she didn't pick up.

    "I wonder if my friends are still alive?" I thought. That Ouija board was never a good idea. I sat on a rock and hugged my legs, thinking about what I was going to do next. My phone started vibrating, and I looked at it. It was Sophie. I quickly answered and held it up to my ear.

    "Hey, Sophie!" I said, my voice quivering and breaking. "Did you get away?"

    The howling wind died down, and all went quiet around me.

    "S-Sophie?" I whimpered, as a tear fell down my cheek.

    "Are you there?" whispered a child's voice on the other end, and the line went dead.

    My eyes widened and I dropped the phone, as the shadow of the cliff seemed to come alive around me.

    "There you are."

    Happy Halloween! 👻🎃👹
  7. Water.

    Water is the cornerstone of life. It nourishes us, irrigates our crops and waters our livestock. Water is vital for all known forms of life. We rely on it to wash our cars, clean our food and produce our power. It has an effect on almost every activity in everyday life. Without it, civilization would cease to function. Governments would collapse, crippled by an unbeatable enemy – drought. It would be a matter of days – no longer than a week – before every living being on Earth perished. In short, we cannot live without water.

    Two days ago, we were forced to begin doing just that.

    I don’t know how it began. Nobody left alive does. During the initial hours of it, theories ranged from the barely plausible, like a new form of greenhouse gas, to the ridiculous, such as a new type of light, one that only evaporated water. I remember those hours fondly – the true enormity of what had happened had not yet sunk in and hysteria had not yet clutched the human race.

    What happened?

    I’ll put it simply.

    The first was that every single drop of freshwater on the entire planet evaporated instantly.

    I don’t think I can do this event justice, but I’ll try.

    Can you imagine every single river, every single lake, every single natural source of water drying up instantly, without rational explanation? I doubt you can, but that’s exactly what happened. It wasn't restricted to natural sources, either. As far as I can tell, all the bottled water in the world also evaporated, as did that in water tanks and other similar sources. It also disappeared from other substances, including soft drinks, creating foul sugar compounds that would make those that consumed it quite ill. There was not a single drop of freshwater left anywhere on Earth for anybody to drink.

    But by far the worst result of the lack of water was the nuclear reactors.

    Without pressurized water, most of the nuclear reactors in the entire world – those that utilize purified water as coolant – had no available sources of coolant, and just under half of these had poor or untested failsafe plans. The resulting effect of this led to catastrophic nuclear meltdown in roughly 46% of water-cooled reactors. The world, already reeling from the unprecedented situation, fell into total anarchy. International communication ceased after almost exactly twenty-four hours after it began.

    But there was a second effect.

    The saltwater poisoning.

    Many people flocked to desalination plants in the first few hours, hoping for salvation.

    They found none.

    At approximately the same time as the worldwide evaporation, saline increased by fivefold in every sea or ocean on Earth. Desalination plants were able to cope with this load for approximately twenty hours. Then, fuel began to run low – and with the imminent collapse of civilization thanks to the multiple nuclear catastrophes, no more was delivered. Thus, the last ever drop of freshwater on Earth was pumped out no later than midnight yesterday.

    After the drought came the collapse.

    With no water available, civilization soon descended into anarchy. Governments, typical of authority to the very end, tried maintaining order. It didn’t work. Soldiers rebelled, shooting rioters and runners alike. Those who didn’t die were brutally executed moments after. They turned on each other soon enough, with only a few militaries intact from the carnage. The deserters fled, unwilling to stay and watch the extinction of Earth.

    But then came the worst, far worse than anything before it.

    There was, in fact, one source of water that hadn’t been touched.

    I’m so lucky I realized before anyone else in my town.

    It was blood.

    Blood, which is over 90% water, was the only remaining liquid fit to drink.

    And so some did.

    At first, I didn’t believe it. It was too horrific.

    Animals went first. The desperate drank the blood of cats, dogs, pets and feral animals of all kinds. Many offered too little blood to be of any value. The situation was made worse by the fact that I live in a rather large metropolitan city and beyond domesticated pets and the odd feral animal, there was no animals to catch and drink from. Perhaps those in the country fared better – I have no way of finding out, and frankly I don’t really care.

    I knew then that humans were the only other option.

    I first saw it twelve hours ago.

    An elderly man, dressed in nothing but a torn dressing gown, slowly made his way down the street that ran in front of my house. He called for help desperately, croaking out that his entire nursing home was dead or dying, that the nurses had fled and that he was looking for help. He was so pitiful that I almost opened my door if only to offer him some respite from the midday sun, and some of my sparse rations.

    If I had been a second faster, I would not be writing this.

    Before I could open the door, three people – two men and a woman – pounced from the shadow of a nearby tree. The poor old bastard had no chance. They leaped upon him, frenzied in their dehydration, and set on him with makeshift tools. It was the most terrifying spectacle of my entire life. One of the men had a hammer – he set about bashing the man’s joints in, one by one. Crack. Crack. Crack. I retched bile each time the hammer slammed into bone, so sickening was the crunch. The other had a gardening hoe. He hovered above the elderly man, bringing the makeshift weapon down once, twice. The tool cut through the man’s ankles like a knife through a steak.

    The metaphor made me vomit. After I did, I looked back, if only to satisfy my own growing horror.

    Oh, how I wish I hadn’t.

    The woman, who was weaponless save for her own two hands, had straddled the man’s chest. Her hands were spread on the screaming man’s face as her own companions butchered him. Then, even as I watched, she dug her thumbs into his eyes. He howled like nothing I had ever heard before. She dug harder, pushing inwards and outwards simultaneously. When they were pulled free, blood and some even less discernible liquid splattered all over her. She grabbed them and ate them like fruit. I could hear the chewing sounds from my door. They bent to consume the precious blood and I turned away.

    I call them the Drinkers.

    There’s one thing I want to make very clear about them. They aren’t zombies. Nor are they affected by some external force that forces them to drink the blood of humans, such as a virus or disease. They are entirely human. I suspect that dehydration affects them worse than it does others and this forces them to drink from humans in a form of pseudo-cannibalism or perish. They represent the dark side of humanity. The Drinkers also seem to recognize each other through some subtle signal. Not being a Drinker, I wouldn’t know it.

    As fast as I possibly could, I took my meager supplies, some small comforts, this journal and my .357 Desert Eagle up into my bedroom. I pushed the bed against the door with my rapidly fading strength and piled furniture on it. The Desert Eagle has a full clip of seven, and I have one spare. Enough for thirteen Drinkers and - well, I’m sure you can imagine.

    Another six hours have passed. I can really feel the dehydration now. My tongue feels numb and my skin feels like sandpaper. I tried to eat some bread before and I almost choked, with no saliva to moisten my throat. Now I’m hungry as well as thirsty. I don’t even know why I've kept writing this. Maybe it’s something to occupy me during the final hours of mankind. Maybe I hold some hope that a solution will be found and somebody in the future will read this and remember what it was like. Maybe I’m just delusional.

    It’s getting worse. I’m breathing heavily and becoming more and more lethargic. This room feels like a sauna. I can almost see the heat waves bouncing across the room, becoming more and more intense until I am literally cooked alive. It’s not a pleasant vision. My pen keeps slipping from the page as I suffer random bursts of weakness. I’m scared I won’t even be able to pull the trigger if the time comes.

    I’m so terribly thirsty. The last time I urinated it burned. I haven’t defecated for a long time now. My vision’s fading in and out and my head feels like it’s going to split open from the intense pressure inside. My skin is so dry and leathery. I know I’m dying, but I’ve still got the Desert Eagle. Maybe I should kill myself before I lose the strength to do so. God knows it’s better than dehydrating to death or letting the Drinkers get me.

    So thirsty. It's dark and I’ve lost the gun. Vision almost gone.


    I’m going mad. I’m dying. Wait, what’s that? Somebody’s knocking at the door. They want to be let in. They say the drinkers are coming.

    Should I? I don’t know.

    Maybe I’ll go get a drink. I’m so thirsty.
  8. A monster and a ghost are sitting at the bar.

    The ghost looks around and then leans over to the monster and asks "Where did everyone go?".

    The monster replied " I ate them all".

    The ghost then asked "Why didn't you eat me?"

    The monster chuckled, looked at the ghost and exclaimed " I can't stand ghosts, they taste like Sheet!"
  9. This happened a few years ago when kaw still had international clans. I heard this story in a clan chat of Russian Shadows where I started my kawreer.

    Once a guy named xumuk (himik is chemist in Russian) comes to cc and says "You gotta hear what happened to me."
    He told us that the previous night he stayed up late playing and chatting with guys. I think it was the time when some of the Russians from the clan went to form the Orange Hand. He stayed up past midnight and was ready to go to bed. He was walking through the hall of his appartment to the restroom and was passing by the entrance door. You gotta know something about Soviet appartment buildings. It usually has a long windowless common hallway with multiple doors to different flats on both sides of it and at the ends. Chemist's appartment was close to the end. So he is walking to the restroom and he gets a sudden irresistable urge to walk up to the door and to look through the peep hole.
    "It was so weird. I could feel goose bumps on my skin and at the same time I just had to look", he told us.

    So he came up to the door and looked through the peep hole. He said it was kind of dark in the common hall. The only low watt lightbulb was at the other end of it. Yet he could make out a figure of a woman in grey or white standing in front of the door to the deadend appartment to the right of him. Knock, knock, knock... the woman knocked at the door instead of using the door bell. Of course, nobody answered as it was after midnight. So the woman turned to the left and faced the appartment across from Chemist's. Knock, knock, knock... again, she knocked at the door. Nobody opened again.

    "I felt like she was going to turn so i stepped away from the peep hole and was waiting for her either to knock or to walk away," he said.
    He did not hear the knock or the foot steps. Instead he watched as the door knob started to turn and his door opening (although he knew he had locked it). Panicked, he slammed his body weight against the door, his heart beating in terror. "Who is it? What do you need?" he tried to yell but the voice came out strangled and hoarse, almost a wisper. The pressure on the door continued and he felt like his feet in his socks were slipping on the floor. Somehow he knew in his soul and in his heart that whatever was on the other side of the door was terrifying and he would not survive it.

    Gasping for air with his heart racing, he woke up... We were all joking about his nightmare in cc when somebody said "You know, I think I heard somewhere that seeing a woman like that means death". We brushed it off and soon forgot about this story. In a few days Chemist came back to cc and said "Wow guys, my neighbor in the deadend appartment was brutally murdered. I was just questioned by the police". We were all asking him questions but he did not know any details. Of course, somebody had to say that the death comes in threes and we remembered his "nightmare". He got really quiet and soon logged off. A couple of weeks passed and Chemist seemed to be doing better. He was joking and chatting in cc. Then one night he came to the chat and he said "Guys, i just don't know what to think of it. The neighbor across from me died in a car crash..." We all got quiet. I mean, that's the second death already. And it all happened where the white woman knocked. We could tell Chemist felt uneasy and was struggling with himself. But kaw has a way of distracting you from problems so overtime he returned to his normal self. About a month passed by. None of us was even thinking about this anymore. Chemist was in cc that night chatting as usual. He was about to drop a horn so we started ROTWB. He said "I'll be right back. Somebody is knocking at the door". That was the last time we saw Chemist on line. He went inactive and we don't know what happened to him.
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    Thanks again for participating, everyone!
    Happy Halloween~
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