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    Spooky, scary skeletons
    Send shivers down your spine
    Shrieking skulls will shock your soul
    Seal your doom tonight

    HellooOoOoOoo all you spooky ghosties and ghoulies! It's that time of year again where we all come out and play~
    This time, with Quills, Ink, and Parchment!

    UPDATE: Congratulations to the winners, and thanks for participating! ❤️

    UPDATE: Thanks for all your submissions! The thread has been closed so that the ATA team can read the entries & vote. Stay tuned for the Winners announcement on October 29th!

    The Contest


    Share your SPOOKIEST Halloween-themed (and, optionally, KAW-related) story with us!
    The spookier and bone chilling it is, the better! When the contest closes, the ATA team will decide on the Top 2 stories.
    This contest is opened to ALL players.


    Thursday, October 14th, 2021 to Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 (Noon PST)

    Friday, October 29th, 2021 (PST)


    🏆 1st Place
    - (1) KAW’s Coffer
    - (1) Crux Chest
    - (1) Nakra Box

    🏅 Runner Up
    - (1) KAW’s Coffer
    - (1) Nakra Box

    The Rules

    1. ONE submission per player. Please submit all entries in the Thread!
    2. No word limit, but the story must have a beginning, middle, and end.
    3. Plagiarism will result in disqualification.
    4. OPTIONAL: Your own artwork can be included, but it won’t give bonus points. If it's not your own artwork, please make this clear.
    5. Use your best judgement and keep it PG - anything found to be too inappropriate (e.g. hateful, discriminatory, etc) will be subject to disqualification or removal.
    6. Be nice to people and respect their entries! We're here to have fun.


    It's time to get spooky, Kings and Queens!
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  2. The guy had a hook hand
    ...A Hook Hand.
    And then all the murder death.
    An abundance of gore.
  3. would we be submitting our entry in this thread? or somewhere else

    i dig the contest
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  4. Yes! Thanks for flagging that! Please submit entries in the thread.
  5. A night like any other at my residence if nine siblings. Older house with wall tomeall antques and photos of those long pass. Most were of reletives but many just idd black and white images of generations gone.
    What day of week serves as no relevance nor the weather makes the story any less true but the time and place will reveal an omnious resolve.
    Awaking one evening from my slumber as the result of one too many colas I walked the path through my house in a bit of a daze. Like a blind man i had walked the course many times in the darkest of evenings. Without the rest of my siblings running up and down the stairs and theough the corridors it seemed almost peaceful. The bathroom of the middle floor was broken so i would have to make my way to basement level. There were shadows if light as i passed through middle floor. Still with eyes mostly closed i stumbled to the basement door entry when i paused for a moment l. A faint noise coming from the hallway behind me averted my attention. I turned aroynd and saw my youngest siblimg just staring at wall. Well what apprared to be my brother or imagined so. It was more of a dark shadow but definitely had to be him. Mother Nature was calling and was about to continue my journey to bathroom when it dawned upon me maybe i should say something.
    Most are thinking why I didn’t think it odd at first but when has si many siblings and have lived in a giant spooky house their whole life it was just par for the course, however even i had to admit this was even strange for my littlest of brothers. I turned back around and asked him what he was doing up in tje middle of night stamding in the hallway. Slowly the shadow image turned his head looked and me and just smiled and than turned his head away.
    Really!!! I thought and reached over to turn in the hallway light. I i flip the switch the image if my brother disappeared and nomtrace of anything left behind. I chalked it up to a full bladder and half asleep walking.
    Next morning I went downstairs where i apparently imagined my brotjer and stood wheelre I believed him to be. Looking on the wall directly in front me was an image of my uncle wasntje spitting image of my brother. Actually i did not know he was my uncle until i shouted to my mother asking whimtje guy in the old fashion swimsuit was. She responded by saying” That was your father brother who drowned to death in the Mississippi River while a life gaurd. ———-true story
  6. My Halloween theme Story “My Fear” after watching THE CONJURING 2
    🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃🎃👻 Yesterday during the day i watched a. ☠️
    💀Netflix movie called the conjuring2 featu 👻☠️ ring a family who live in a house some 💀 👻where in England which was haunted ☠️
    💀by the ghost of an old man who lived and 👻
    ☠️died in that house many years ago & a 💀
    👻 horror demon named “VALEK”. at the 👻
    💀ending of the movie it was said that the ☠️
    👻Movie was based on a true story which 👻
    ☠️ did hapened. after watching it i kept on 👻
    💀seeing “THE FACE “ of the horror dem☠️
    👻on & sensing in my mind the ghost of the💀 ☠️old man who possesses one of the 2 girls 👻

    💀in the movie but that dreaded demon face💀
    👻everywhere in dark corners & in the dark👻💀i keep on seeing that face which frightens👻

    👻& terrifies me!. my fearfull feelings led ☠️
    ☠️me to stay together with my bf . The face 👻 💀of “Valek” is pretty much scary & the mo☠️
    👻vie is a real spooky one. Until now im still👻
    ☠️afraid to be alone. Thats my true story.
  7. A free player, wandered into the woods of KAW late one night… looking for a chat and a trade. Encouraged by the sentiments of WC this brave soul didn’t fight, rather offered to show their hard earned wares to show what they had made. The curious denizens of KAW gathered around, and one in particular in the chat was found…What better way to show than to list in a trade a helpful merchant stated… and into the trade went all the beautiful furniture of our fated…. A dire wind blew past and the merchant disappeared, a single hooves of destruction was all that remained of the once lush palace, barren now of furnishings or pets, you can still hear that players wail of sorrow…echoing in the halls of WC
  8. Once upon a time, me and my friend went to retreat house. There is one room we are not allowed to get in, but we are so very stubborn, " oops the door is locked" so we just look on the key hole of the doorknob, its just full of red around on that room😯 nothing on it🙄🙄then another day we did it again,still locked , look at the key hole of doorknobs full of red on that room,nothing again, then we are just so curious about it we asked the caretaker of that house about that room, on his calm deep voice, there is someone in there, a girl with a ...

    "Red Eyes"



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  9. This incident happened to me 5 years ago when I was serving my nation. For the duration of the training we undergo in camp we have to stay in but are allowed to return home for Saturday and book in again on Sunday night.

    In my camp there’s this rule, you cannot use the staircase nearest to a detention barrack at night. That’s the only staircase that’s off limit to recruits during night time. As per usual, after we booked in the camp on Sunday night and had our routine order at ground level parade square, we will have to rush back up to our bunks(Ours was at level 5) to change to admin attire and have another briefing in a classroom.

    This was at 9 pm when we were release from the parade square. As everyone was rushing off to go up, we had forgotten about the fact that one of the staircase that was off limits. We rush up the stairs, and I was falling behind a level/a level half from my section mates then went ahead. When reaching the third level we heard a loud scream by one of the recruits that had gotten ahead. So we rushed up and saw the recruit was just standing still, the guy was drenched in sweat.

    Frozen there, we helped the guy walked up to the bunks and asked what happened. He told us, before you guys came up, I was greeted with something in white dress had its hair down and was just floating by the ceiling. That night when we tried to sleep our bunk was disturbed by our lockers being shaken vigorously but nothing was in sight just the lockers being shaken and shoes were all over the place the morning we wake up.
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  11. I can only narrate a real event.
    One month after one of my brothers died unfortunately from cancer, I was standing guard in his bedroom. He was about to dawn and very little light entered his room in the morning, a deep marine color won out over any other color of dawn.
    Between 5 and 6 in the morning to be precise was the time when he woke up and I was still alert in case he needed any help, for weeks I used to be sleeping next to on the floor, a makeshift bed to remove in case of an emergency .
    But it was any given day that something happened, I opened my eyes and I thought I had heard my brother's voice asking for something, but since it was the time he woke up I had to ask him if he required something and he did not answer me.
    A few seconds passed after I opened my eyes again because I heard another noise and it was at that moment that I saw something, it was someone, a person floating in a corner, he had no legs, it was only his torso and he levitated, it was as if he had entered through the window and he went to take refuge in that dark corner where sight was lost, the light where something could be observed.
    Meanwhile my brother asked me to cover him well with his blankets, which made me pay more attention to his call than having been observing that entity and that was when I lost him from my sight.
    He was a young man almost the same age as my brother at that time, the funny thing is that he did not scare me because he really looked like a third person in that room.
    Really something that until today I believe and I give 100% credit to any affirmation of the existence of those beings that roam around.


    This is the closest thing to what happened to me in this photo from a movie

    Credits: Hereditary 2018
    Dir. Ari Aster USA
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  12. Tis was the night before Halloween and all through the house the floors were creaking but not from a mouse. the ghosts were haunting without any care. wondering what kid, who would they scare? when out of the blue a knock at the door. A night to early for a kid looking to score. this house had no candy. No person that lived.. So could that be a person. someone that lived? the door slowly opened the ghost ready to scare, until they realized the ghostbusters were there. there was a howl as the proton packs glowed. and down went the ghosts into the container to hold. the house now lay quite with no noise or sound. the house is at peace with no ghosts to be found
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  13. Mommy told me never to go in the basement, but I wanted to see what was making that noise. It kind of sounded like a puppy, and I wanted to see the puppy, so I opened the basement door and tiptoed down a bit. I didn’t see a puppy, and then Mommy yanked me out of the basement and yelled at me. Mommy had never yelled at me before, and it made me sad and I cried. Then Mommy told me never to go into the basement again, and she gave me a cookie. That made me feel better, so I didn’t ask her why the boy in the basement was making noises like a puppy, or why he had no hands or feet.🥺😖
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  14. not bad its pretty good
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  16. D8481BCC-1EAB-4495-876E-E511A2991660.jpeg
    It was the night before Halloween 🎃. Hippity, hoppity, in an out of clans on devils night blood curdling screams. With Grain Scythe in hand I reaped every Bunny I saw dismantling their bodies to make furniture any way I could. Making a necklace of rabbit feet in hopes for better luck at plate drops from ebs. Using Rabbit heads to make a chandelier, the bones for various upgrades on my bone furniture…
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  18. FRIGHT KAW NIGHT the vampire dance
  19. If you say Kaw related storys optional does that mean i can use kaw places/creatures for my story or would that be disqualified for plagiarism.
  20. Great question!
    I think we'd be happy for you to use in game elements for your own fan fic!
    Keeps things exciting!
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