New Furnishings Set: Japan

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  1. Welcome to the land of the rising sun!
    This is the latest one I have finished, spent some time coloring this one. I’m def not great at coloring these yet but it is more interesting to look at than the gray ones.
    Leave feedback and/or ideas if you want

    Left room:
    Sun painting
    Dual Katana
    Throwing Stars
    Kabuto Helmet
    Sushi Board

    Middle Room:
    Koi Fish Banner
    Torii Pillars
    Sun Throne
    Koi Fosh Throne Sides
    Slate Staircase
    Giant Lily Pad Rug

    Right Room:
    Wood/Papyrus Chandelier
    Japanese Crane

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  2. I love perfect idea hopefully it comes out
  3. The lily pad carpet is pretty endearing, I'd highly consider adding it to my arrangements
  4. That looks really good to be fair would definitely like to see it in game with the devs twists to the style
  5. Great job yet again. Keep it up!.
  6. I like the theme. Just a bunch of suggestions though which i would of went for, in the throne room the main banner should be the rising sun symbol, and the carpet should be something like offset stepping stones on a coy fish pond that the coyfish are in, perhaps put a tea set and bonzai tree on the sides... then the wall should be more traditional, the red looking rice paper panels appear more chinese like imo or something that would be seen in more spiritual/sacred places in japan from what i see. it seems out of place in a fuedal kings/lords throne room throne room, to me. natural timbers were used quite often with rice paper panels but more likely you might see wall art like paintings of cherry blossom trees, battles, winds/clouds/mountains or even famous giesha's, i think these would work better artistically ... the crane i say hell no too, majestic animal as they are and all but i think japan has way more on offer to appeal in this game, it's not a bad idea though just it seems kinda dull as a pet. Japanese stories are filled with spirit creatures you could use for instance from the cute shapeshifting tanuki to sub-divine forest beasts such as multi tailed foxes/boars, wielding hugely destructive powers, or you could use devilish spirit warriors in full samurai war armour, or the long japanese dragons able to harness the elements to name a few that would by far demonstrate greater aesthetic appeal for many across kaw. Also the bow and arrow was the main weapon for japanese soldiers in battle and I think needs to be used when displaying a weapon room in reference to japan but also the swords are important such as katana's, and similiar but they would be displayed on horizontal racks usually not left hanging too clumsily usually, and typically would be one short and one longer. Hanya masks, chain claw weapons, ninja stars all things like that are good too imo. but anyway this isn't bad by any means and i know i'd make alot of changes but that's just my opinion and i mean no offense to the artist here... other commonly used artistic things you can use too that would be equally warranted are things like japanese caligraphy, tatami floor mats, japanese formal gardens and japanese maple, fans, the setting sun with rich oranges and reds for backgrounds and i'm sure you could do abit more research and find alot more.

    Again i mean no offense, and though what you've done here is great, with everything on offer from japan's rich and long history of a society heavily characterised by it's focus on art, war and balance to provide inspiration, it could be seriously one of the best aesthetic sets in the game imo, i truely recommend pushing yourself more with your work and imagination if you get the time. I used to do alot of art work myself and i think there's alot to be gained from the pursuit of presenting something you could call masterful work rather then a good piece. Anyway I've probably been too critical with my analysis and suggestions, considering it's just my opinion. Ibdo passionately think that there is alot more you can gain from this if you want too though, and I hope to encourage you to continue working on your art and pursuing the best result for all. Art isn't easy but it can and does inspire and change perception amazingly 😎
  7. Yea I mean I’m absolutely not an artist lol. Just started doing these because I didn’t really love the furniture that was being released after a certain point.
    I’m not as interested in making my designs into polished pieces at the moment, they’re more just concept designs of stuff I’d like to get into the game.

    I’m also not Japanese, or an expert, so any research I did was just to make sure I wouldn’t be including anything blatantly offensive or wildly inaccurate lol. I could tell the right/left walls weren’t as authentic as some other options, but the walls haven’t really been of any focus for me so far.

    I actually was considering some of your ideas early on in the design (like koi fish in the floor design and stepping stones)

    Anyway, thanks for the feedback everybody!

    I’ve got some more working, but honestly most of them are a ways from being done
  8. Go work for ATA lol
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  9. Like the crane/crab combo... Well done!
  10. I like the look of this set, good job! Hope to see more of these from you :)
  11. who read it tho? o_O
  12. I like this idea.... I'd like to see various countries though so we could wear our colurs