Chinese Themed Furnishings Set

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  1. I’m back

    This is actually the first set I designed, so effort and quality are a little lower than the others I’ve posted, but here it is anyway.

    Also feel free to leave suggestions for other sets :)

    Previous Set Designs:
    Seabed Set
    Jungle Set
    Star Wars Set

    Throne Room:
    Mahogany Throne
    Temple Window pillars
    Flower Branch Banner
    Ivory Elephant Statues
    Carved Wood Stairs
    Rose Petal Carpet

    Heirloom Fan
    Gong and Mallet
    Unknown Liquor
    Treasure Chest
    Dual Ji Weapons

    Hanging Lanterns
    Bamboo chutes
  2. You killed it again man. Nice job
  3. Looks tots radical.
  4. Wow this is great! Support :)
  5. Actually, really nice! Good creative idea. Would pop with colors!
  6. Shishi dogs instead of the elephants. :)
  7. Hot damn I haven’t seen ur others posts but this is some talent
  8. I want a panda especially since they are going extinct. I'll breed it and keep the race alive
  9. Thanks everyone!

    I’m pretty lousy at coloring and such but I am working on a full color one at the moment :). will prob take me a bit.
    A valiant man
  10. I am sure one day you will sell it to a poacher for 2.5b charms.
  11. Awesome. Think i like stars one the best.