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  1. Question? Sorry if it’s already been asked/answered.

    Is it worth selling the lvl 8 fatesands building(a) to try open up new lands etc. Or is it a waste of time? Anyone got a strategy built around it?
  2. Really it's up to you and your chosen play style. If ~200 fs tokens are worth ~1q gold to you, then go for it. Depending on how many tokens you get and how much gold you make, it might be worth it for different people, or it might not be.

    Personally, I'd look at how long it took me to get 200 tokens, and look at how long it takes me to get 1q gold. Then I'd look at the additional growth I could do with 1q gold--and see if it would be better for me than the ~350mcs a lv8 fs building gives.

    Tbh after hitting lcbc with lv8s, I'm gonna keep one land open to raze them for gold. Those lv9/10 ugs are expennnnnsive :cry:
  3. The new premium event can drop crestplates, though I'm not sure if it should be documented at all.

    As far as I've seen it can give 20 fatesands pieces=5 crestplates
  4. I have seen 4 shards drop several times now too, from multiple tiers of the eb.

    So 4 shards and 20 shards confirmed so far!
  5. Did they lower the drops since last week or is it my imagination? Barely getting any fatesand crest from Goth/Lotl/NoTh
  6. You have a better chance for drops the more hits you have. I reccomend doing more than one full unload per eb if you're hopping, I don't know exactly where that cutoff is but I seem to have better luck with 1.5-2 unloads or more.
  7. Update: I just got 12 shards from khalkhor. Edit: clannie got 40. So possible drops so far:

    4, 12, 20, 40 shards
  8. They made drops more dependant on actions in the eb now
  9. Is there 100% a 20 shard drop for khalkhor? - All ive seen is 4, 12 & 40.. I thought each EB has up to 3 tiers too :shock:
  10. I was going off warrior, above. I haven't personally seen 20 or 40, not good enough luck :(
  11. Ah no worries. Well, I have 100% had 4, 12 and 40 shard drops so far, not seen a 20 atm :D
  12. Considering recent events, the title of this thread has really made me laugh 
  13. Bump for a player
  14. Mr. Thrawn? Goodday. where/how do I find your other guides/strat for returnee players, build, and utilize/maximize/smart use of resources? and better Build for fast growth/++plunder reward.
  15. My returning player guide may be found in other KaW discussion at this link:

    The efficiency guide for crest plates is the second comment on this thread.

    For the rest, please check out the guides section of forums :) I didn't write most of what you requested, but it's there.
  16. What is the most effiecent way to grow? Open lands and build lvl 1 on FS? Or open one land on FS and upgrade all the way. Same as for DM and OSMRAI. I need help for my main.
  17. IMHO, there's no reason to use gold on fs lv1-8. In terms of cost to stat gain, keep your fs buildings around the same level as each other (more expensive upgrades don't yield equivalently-higher stat increases).

    Personally I have only used gold for land since the introduction of crest plates, but once you have enough lands you can absolutely use gold to help your stats along faster if you wish.
  18. This guide has been updated to include pm building info. If anyone has shard drop info I'm missing, please post here or wall/pm me!