Coming back after a long break from the game

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  1. I found KaW on the App Store earlier today and I downloaded it to see if it was the same. And I was curious if anyone remmebered these, or if some things are the same today-

    1. How exciting it was when the devs announced new PvP events with special item drops.

    2. How it felt when you finally got to the Highlands.

    3. How hype it was when yoh first did a Hte. And how much of a big dog you were when you saved up enough to buy a Seal of the Damned?

    1. When Ashes of Eden made like 3 wildly popular threads on Off Topic filled with women in their underwear and got off scot-free?

    1. When Fan Fiction was active and then went dead for like 2 years straight? I’m glad to see how it looks like it’s coming back. I’ll admit to making some stupid posts there myself as a youngster.

    1. Are role-play clans still a thing? Or did that finally die out? I played this game in 3rd grade and even then I thought it was stupid.

    1. Moose

    1. How D3vil would ruin clans.

    1. The big OSW between ZAFT and Apoc? Where ZAFT was made into the butt of 90% of repetitive jokes in KaW for weeks after

    1. Philosopher interviewing people for some reason?

    1. Noobs trying to get clout by referencing Swabia.

    1. That one garbage-muncher who would keep buying that one ally that was really expensive to keep around.

    1. The confusing time when the forums changed how censoring would work where the first when from asterisks to just an extra space between words

    1. Jokes about that one dude who made like 30 accounts and spammed wc trying to sell the accounts and they all got banned. What was his name?

    1. Intense political discussions in Off Topic.

    1. How forums used to look.

    1. How different the loading screen girl looked.

    1. People complaining about how everyone is an eb fairy and there’s no more good PvP.

    1. Quests being pointless.

    1. Not having official clan ads.

    1. Reading build guides on the strategy section and pretending to understand what you were doing.

    I’m just wondering who’s left that remembers all that? What other memories do y’all have left? What’s different? What’s the same?
  2. Everything. I got bored of this game while the zaft/apoc osw was still going being an insignificant part of hit lol I just came back yesterday and I see how big the builds are today and I'm just at a loss at this point.

    I do really miss Moose and Ashes though. He/she/it(did we ever figure out?) was the one that made me start foruming.

    I also switched from iOS to Android so this isn't helping me cope with all the major differences from years ago
  3. That’s about when I left. Ashes was like a legend. At least, a legend as far as KaW goes. Who’s the new big dogs on forums now? Anyone? Same folks but grayer? New folks?

    Also I was on this game when I was in like fifth grade and I looked up the account name from then and I want to apologize to everyone on the app for the amount of stupidity that erupted from the two accounts I made. One was on my iPod and the other was on my first phone. I’m really glad I’m so different now, and that I didn’t tell anyone anything personal about me back then. Just made an ass of myself as a fifth grader
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  4. Hey now, I still reference swabia for clout. Just not on KaW 😂😂

    I remember quests not even being pointless... On my first acc, I did a bunch of quests and then reset a bunch of times to build up a bunch of xtals for my final build.

    Self pitch, but if you're planning on hanging around I made this thread listing a lot of the major game updates over the years, with sources
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  5. Some great memories there...
  6. I giggled at so many of those and the nostalgia is ROUGH.
  7. I miss ToddBacon and Devouring. they would always blow up forums.
  8. When maturity hits you.. Once a kid here too lol.
  9. I must have missed those intense political discussions...
  10. I miss you too my KAW wifey.