BLACK FRIDAY: The Light of Annihilation

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  1. The Light of Annihilation


    "Your salvation lies in the shadows…

    In a distant realm, two deities make a wager on your fate...

    A blinding light in the sky heralds your approaching doom...and a shadowy being imbues the Oracle with a cosmic power...

    All is not yet lost. Call together your allies to thwart the Luminous Glory of the Aetherlux before its radiant assault wipes your realm from existence!"

    This event consists of a primary Legend and a very special side Legend with three different paths for you to undertake. You can complete all three paths and you have multiple options to accelerate your progress and help out your clan. For full details about this Side Legend, make sure to check out "The Tools of the Trade" forum post and READ instructions provided to you in Legends!

    This is a special Black Friday that will run from Friday, November 29th until Friday, December 6th at 12 PM PST.

    Specials, Deals, and Promos

    WE GOT THEM! To read up all about them please check this forum thread:

    Clan Leaderboard

    During this event there'll be a separate Leaderboard just for Clans! Keep playing, contribute towards your clan performance, and BE LOYAL! At the end of the event top 3 clans and their ACTIVE members will receive unique rewards.

    Please be aware that you HAVE TO CONTRIBUTE towards your clan performance and you HAVE TO BE IN YOUR CLAN at the end of the event in order to receive rewards. In other words, it's okay to leave your clan for a war, but do try to stay in the same clan and help out your clan members!


    Want to take a peek at what sort of items other guilds have been able to get? Buy an Astral Orb of Farsight, which will reveal what items a user's guild has after a successful scout. This item costs 5 NB in the store and will be removed from your inventory after use, so make sure to get it!


    There are three different Furnishing sets for this event.

    Starflung Set


    Starflung Set Furnishings have a chance to drop from Box of the Mirrored Ones and Royal Box of the Mirrored Ones. You can also purchase them directly from the store for Nobility Points.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Aetherlux Set



    Nebulium Set


    Furnishings from Aetherlux and Nebulium Sets are acquirable only from Cache of the Aetherlux (purchasable from the marketplace) and Cache of the Nebulium (has a chance to drop from new EB series). You can open Aetherlux and Nebulium caches with a special furnishings key that costs 15 Nobility Points.

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG]

    But that's not all!

    Whenever you open a Cache and don't receive an Epic rarity from it, you'll receive Luck of the Aetherlux or Luck of the Nebulium, depending on which Cache you've opened. Each Luck item will increase your chance of getting epic furnishing from its Cache and you can stack them up to 10 times. Once you receive epic furnishing, all of your accumulated Luck items for the Cache will disappear!


    NOTE: Please be aware that Cache of the Aetherlux and Cache of the Nebulium DO NOT include pets. How do you get them? Keep on reading!

    Shard Boxes

    To finish up your Furnishing sets, there'll also be two pets! Candescent Peryton and Tenebrous Peryton!


    You can acquire them by opening Box of the Divine Reflection that will drop various amounts of Radiant Lumonite and Umbral Tenebrimite. Once you collect enough of those, they'll combine into an appropriate Pet. Also, those Shards are TRADABLE!


    There are two different Equipment sets for this event.

    Light Set


    Light Equipment Set is standard and you can acquire by completing your Legend.

    Dark Set


    Dark Set Equipment has THREE requirements to acquire! First, you need Nebulium Brewing Cauldrons that drop from new EB series. Second, you can only buy Dark Set Equipment of the equal tier of Light Set you have unlocked. And finally, you need to have progressed far enough in your Side Legend Path.

    For example, to unlock Tier 2 of Dark Equipment, you need to have:

    1) Enough Cauldrons

    2) Have unlocked Tier 2 of Light Equipment

    3) Have completed Tier 1 of Side Legend

    And if you're not 100% sure, just try buying the item from the marketplace and the game will tell you exactly what you're missing.


    New Epic Battles


    Or rather, old New EB Battles, if you know what I mean!

    Here's your chance to fight new and improved versions of Epic Battles you know! To access those Epic Battles your clan will need Drums of the Bloodless that you can purchase for 25 Nobility Points. Different EBs will require different number of Drums to open.


    Calydor the Lustrous - 4 Drums

    Z'uthermak of the Luminous Depths - 6 Drums

    Apheriun of the Sun - 8 Drums

    Skorpios the Darkslayer - 9 Drums

    Scrag the Blazing - 10 Drums

    Each EB from the series will drop Nebulium Brewing Cauldrons and Caches of the Nebulium.

    The Tools of the Trade

    The "Side" part of this event is brand new and it's actually pretty significant. So significant, in fact, we made a separate forum thread to explain it. Please, for the love of Celestials, GIVE IT A READ! Thanks!
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  2. “ThIs iS a spECIal BlACk FridAy THaT wiLL rUn uNtIl DeC 6”

    Promo is garbo lol
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  3. 2 eb side legend drops old boxes instead of new
  4. HI there, which EB is dropping the old event boxes?
  5. My alt also just got the previous box from the 'complete eb' legend
  6. Furnishings key and royal keys dont work for new event chests
  7. Oh I see! This is because you are completing the daily EB legend from yesterday, which gave out last event's boxes. The one starting today at 12 will give out the new event boxes as a reward. Hope this helps!

    Hi there, please try re-installing or updating your game client. This should fix the issue.
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  8. Why is it 200 nobs to open a chest that’ll drop a few shards? At that price, it should just drop the pet 🙃
  9. Ofc NK clans will win the race lol funny
  10. There should be rewards for a lot more clans than Top 3. Everyone already knows which 3 will win and the gap between #1 - 10 is HUGE just a few hours into the event
  11. The top three clan will only invite the friends of the admins of the nk clans most likely
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  12. Hi! Is there any way to progress the side legend faster? I'm at t2 for the sorcerer and need to collect 175k items to move to the. Only 2k or less drop per eb and its Netherking.
  13. Move on to the next tier*
    Quoting because I'm not given an update option in tools
  14. None of the event boxes open. Tried restarting app but still no joy 🙄
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  15. Try reinstalling kaw if this is still not opening / showing any items :)
  16. Did this. Worked thankfully 👍🏻
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  17. Devs, come on get serious! Asking users to reinstall to make a simple function work again is NOT a good solution. This does not make you look good in front of your customers.

    Did you test this at all before you released it? Did you test it on platforms that users actually use your product on, not just your own special operating systems and machines?

    Maybe this idea for a big, over-complicated event was too much to cover in your release cycle and have proper testing coverage. If you’re going to run Agile in some form, DevOps, Scrum, XP or whatever, always make sure you don’t bite off more than you can chew! That includes the entire release, not just an individual sprint!
  18. So I know devs won't lift the countdown to ebs for this event. But could you at least significantly increase the drop rate for the royal and seer stones?
  19. So I understand why there’s only a top3 for clan lb... but can you also make top 50/25/10 tiers for the rest of kaw who cant spend $100’s. Why you might ask? 2/3 of the top spots are NK clans.