BLACK FRIDAY: The Tools of the Trade

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  1. Chosen Path Progression

    Can you complete your Path before your competition? May the below information guide you to glory!


    Path Boosts

  2. Seriously wht!?
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  3. Again, what?
  4. Hmmm sounds awesome, let's go!
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  5. I no understand o.o
  6. Alittle more explanation.. way too many new stuff
  7. All I read was path😅😅😂
  8. What ?
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  9. I'm too stupid to understand this
  10. I'm sorry what?
  11. Choose a path > then complete ebs to collect path items > spend those items in laggy market lol to earn more stuff etc. You can also buy boosts to get more stuff.
  12. Tldr please. IQ not high enough
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  13. Tldr is that this BF promo sucks
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  14. No 29noob seals 🤔
  15. They’re there
  16. Instructions unclear, testicles stuck in bicycle chain.
  17. Ditto
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  18. It’s in my name and I don’t understand... go KaW, your drunk.
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