Beginners Guide to Kingdoms at War

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  1. If you’re new to Kingdoms at War or just need a refresher, this thread is the place to start. If you're looking for more in-depth guides, be sure to check out the Strategy and Guides sections of the forums.

    The Basics

    [​IMG]What should I do in Kingdoms at War?
    That’s really up to you. The main goal of the game is to expand your kingdom in pursuit of power, but how you reach this goal is entirely up to you!

    [​IMG]How do I expand my kingdom?

    To expand your kingdom you’ll need to unlock lands and build buildings using precious gold! There are many ways to earn gold, including battling other players, completing quests, participating in Epic Battles, or taking part in war as you lead your clan to victory.

    [​IMG]What are Clans?

    Once you’ve gotten familiar with the basics of the game you’ll want to venture out into the world and find a clan. A clan is a group of players that work together to complete Epic Battles or Wars. A good clan will have your back and protect you from incoming attacks, as well as vastly increase the speed at which you’ll be able to grow your kingdom.

    You can find a clan to join through any of the following:

    1) Tap the Clan button on the home screen and then either Search for a clan by name or tap to view New Clans. From the New Clans list tap the View button to see more details on the clan. If you find one you’d like to join simply tap the Join button. After you choose to join a clan the clan admins will receive your request and either accept or reject your application.

    2) Open up World Chat located at the bottom of the screen and you will see players recruiting for their clan. If you see a clan you want to join here tap on the Player’s Name in chat. This will take you to their profile where you can view their clan info. Clicking the View Clan button will take you to the Clan page where you can see more details on the clan and request to Join.

    3) Check out the Clans and Alliances section on the forums to see which clans are recruiting.

    [​IMG]How do I post on World Chat?

    You can open up World Chat by tapping on the chat area found on the bottom of the screen.

    Posting on World Chat requires speakers. Starting the day after you join you’ll receive 5 FREE Speakers each day (iOS/Android users only) up to a maximum of 25. Additional speakers can be purchased from the Marketplace using Nobility Points.

    Please keep in mind that posts on public channels such as World Chat are moderated according to our World Chat & Forum Behavior and Personal Information policies.

    [​IMG]What are Allies?

    Allies are other players that you’re able to hire to help you in battle. They increase your strength and provide bonus gold from battles. They’re also a great way to earn gold as their value increases with each purchase. This means that when someone purchases an ally from you you’ll receive more than you paid for them.

    [​IMG]What is the Battle List?
    The Battle list can be accessed from your Home screen and provides a list of players around your stat range. From here, you can choose to view the player's profile, spy on them (Scout, Steal, or Assassinate), or begin a full out attack.

    [​IMG]What are Epic Battles?

    Think of Epic Battles as a boss fight or group mission for clans to participate in. These battles last for several hours and reward you with gold and a chance at rare items.

    [​IMG]What are Wars?

    Wars have two rival clans face off against one another. Players on either side attack the opposing players to earn gold and lead their clan to victory.

    System Wars can be initiated at any time by Clan Owners and Admins, and can last for several hours.

    Scheduled Wars are run at specific times and require individual players and clans to opt-in to participate. During Seasons players can work towards unique equipment and other rewards by participating in these Scheduled Wars.

    [​IMG]What are Regens and Health Crystals
    As you attack other players, or as they attack you your troops (Soldiers/Spies) are depleted. As your troops decrease the effectiveness of your attacks will go down. When you're out of troops you'll be unable to attack. Troops will regenerate naturally over time, however if you're in a hurry you can instantly regenerate them using Health Crystals or Nobility Points through the Oracle (located in the Marketplace).

    Useful Guides
    Here are just a small number of guides you may find useful. You can find many more in the Guides section of the forums.

    Modern Day KaW Handbook - Detailed guide that covers everything from game-specific terms to builds, clans, wars, and more.
    A Dummies Guide to Builds - Find out what build works best for you
    Toast’s Guide to Quests - Detailed breakdown of quests and their rewards
    Ally Trading Guide - Make money as you buy/sell allies
    ★Guide to Equipment★ - Where to find equipment, how to enchant it, and more.
    ♔ Epic Battles (PvE) ♔ - Tips, Tricks, and Walkthroughs for the many Epic Battles in Kingdoms at War
    Ultimate Guide to Epic Battles - An in depth PDF containing details and drops of the Epic Battles in Kingdoms at War

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    Farming is a good thing.
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