A Basic Build Guide: Revamped

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  1. Seeing as the old basic build guide is outdated, here is an updated version of my own.

    Basically, you can put buildings on your lands that are specifically Attack Heavy (AKA Attack build), Spy Heavy (AKA Hansels), or Balanced (AKA Hybrids). Within these three options are even more options:

    Attack Heavy builds can be-
    ~Fully Attack (which is stronger attack stats but weaker defense stats)
    ~Balanced Attack (which is equal attack and defense stats)
    ~Defensive Attack (which is weaker attack stats but stronger defense stats)

    Spy Heavy builds can be-
    ~Guild Hansels (cheapest spy building but weakest stats)
    ~SoS Hansels (more expensive spy building but stats are higher
    ~T5+ Hansels (most expensive spy buildings with strongest spy stats in the game)
    *Note: Within SoS Hansels you can also build a Shadow Hansel (all level 1 SoS’) or an SSH (AKA Super Shadow Hansel) which is pretty much a Shadow Hansel with tons of BFA*

    Balanced builds can be-
    ~Attack Heavy (which is where around 75% of your buildings are attack based and 25% are spy based)
    ~Pure Balance (where your attack buildings and spy buildings are placed equally, 1:1)
    ~Spy Heavy (which is where around 25% of your buildings are attack based and 75% are spy based)

    Buildings for each of these are included below:
    Fully Attack will use:
    Workshops (T1) (2,400/1600 at level 3),
    Forges (T2) (7,200/4,800 at level 3),
    Subterranean Factories (T3) (21,600/14,400 at level 3),
    Cursed Foundries (T4) (103,560/68,640 at level 3),
    Hatcheries (T5) (256,320/169,880 at level 3),
    or Blood Barracks (T6) (661188/440748 at level 5).

    Balanced Attack will use:
    Stables (T1) (2,000/2,000 at level 3),
    Beastiaries (T2) (6720/6720 at level 3),
    War Aviaries (T3) (19,740/19,740 at level 3),
    Circle of Elementals (T4) (94,744/94,744 at level 3),
    Colonies (T5) (234,498/234,498 at level 3),
    or Elven Temples (T6) (601,416/601,416 at level 5).

    Defensive Attack will use:
    Barracks (T1) (1,600/2,400 at level 3),
    War Cathedrals (T2) (5,600/7,200 at level 3),
    Summoning Circles (T3) (16,400/21,600 at level 3),
    Titans Lairs (T4) (78,672/103,680 at level 3),
    Torture Gardens (T5) (194,720/256,600 at level 3),
    or Rime Fortresses (T6) (456,160/592,700 at level 5).

    Guild Hansels will use:
    Guilds (level 4) (13,500/13,500 at level 4)
    and 1-2 attack building (any kind)

    SoS Hansels will use:
    Stronghold of Shadows (level 3) (64,960/64,960 at level 3)
    and 1-2 attack buildings (any kind)

    **Note: Shadow Hansels and SSH use Stronghold of Shadows (level 1) and 1-2 attack buildings (any kind)**

    -T5+ Hansels will use:
    Strongholds of Shadows (level 3) (64,960/64,960 at level 3) on lowlands,
    Volaries (level 3) (160,740/160,740 at level 3) on Highlands,
    and Unkari Ice Trees (403,420/403,420 at level 5) on Hoarfrost Lands,
    with 1-2 attack buildings of any kind placed on any of the three lands

    Balanced builds can use any of the above mentioned buildings to achieve whichever of the three options they wish, so review the buildings above and choose wisely.

    If I left anything out or have any grammatical errors/spelling errors, please comment them below. Thank you.

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  3. Oh, and the original thread maker approved me making this revamped version, as he himself is not fully active anymore.
  4. Nice thread. This will definitely help anyone confused with builds. However, I think that some stats to accompany each section or some pros and cons (especially with the spy builds as I know there are some weird things there) to accompany each section would be great!
  5. Awesome thread looking to see more good threads from you fallen :)
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  7. SOS has 4 levels? You might want to double check that.
  8. Noted and fixed ;) thank you Narnian
  9. I have 3 attack building though...
  10. awesome! might wanna include towered builds.
  11. I thought about including tower builds, but I agree with the person who made the first basic build guide, who said tower builds aren't really basic builds, so I left them out.
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  13. Make an advanced build guide including towered builds and what ever hidden builds may lay unexplored for all of KaW time? 
  14. I could, but that project will take me a lot longer. I will if people express interest though.
  15. Ive been struggling with my build. Id like more attk defense but not sure if defense heavy buildings mixed with attk heavy builds do the same as a balanced building. Not ready for towers. I may have missed it, but, a section explaining what the pros and cons of a certain build may be helpful.maybe there is a section and not saying that explains if one type of building washes out another type of building.

    Im sorry if there is a section on it and i missed it :(
  16. I can update the thread to include a pros/cons section, if its not up today I'll put it up tomorrow.
  17. Hybrid and pure spy
  18. Thank you!! :)
  19. You said that a balanced build is 75% attack or spy and 25% is attack or spy but then what is my build im toward 50-50%. Does that mean im not a balanced build then?
  20. Look between the Attack Heavy and Spy Heavy sections, you are a Pure Balanced Hybrid, neither attack nor spy heavy, if its 50/50.