Zaft Carnage vs. Apoc

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Re: Zaft Carnage vs. Apoc

Postby XIxlX__JB__XIxlX on Apr 21 2015, 10:25am

F-U-R-Y wrote:Once again it's all about u Imf. If you feel u need wealth to be successful well good for uI tend to get a kick out of a fair fight instead of winning at any cost. I think you have missed something along the way. This will be my last post here your clearly wasting my gift of life.

Weren't there screen shots of Zeus threatening NA members with his dev connections on another thread a little while back??

The hypocrisy of a zaftie crying for a fair fight 
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Re: Zaft Carnage vs. Apoc

Postby Chaos on Apr 21 2015, 10:27am

In lieu of repeated:
-Excessive nonsensical spam
-Clear blatant accusations/calling out other players of abuse/cheating ONCE AGAIN

I am hereby locking this thread and forum banning all individuals who did not capitulate to the developers warnings previously mentioned in this thread.

kaw_community wrote:Please remember that the forums are NOT the place to call out other players you believe are cheating or otherwise abusing the game. Please submit any evidence you have via email to so that we can investigate.

Moving forward those making such claims here may receive a forum suspension.
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