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  1. The devs won't answer us! So we shall rise again and riot!!!!!!!!!

    ....to get to the point... When is Bae (ZTA) coming back
  2. Maybe the extended banner event will be a Zta promo
  3. But I've already spent all my money on Hte, so Idc.
  4. Zta is love, zta is life

  5. Probably on the next HTE promotion weekend.

    I like to look at patterns. Ever since ZTA inception, it always comes back around a 50% HTE weekend or so.

    Given this 4 part event is over, I would expect soon personally. Just my two cents.

  6. Naw they said the extra time was to make sure rewards went to the right people :/
  7. ZTA is the reason the game has an overabundance of gold that caused the inflation to the ally market. Ideally it doesn't come back for some time.
  8. This
  9. As if hte didn't cause any inflation, as if epic battles didn't cause inflation, as if pwars didn't cause inflation lol
  10. Quests should be the only way of gold income.
  11. Bad PRIME! No unicorn RP here!
  12. I can't help that on the inside I'm just a misunderstood unicorn..
  13. Zta sucks. Most can do it individually. Pay is good, but not in large clans. Don't release zta. Do an aff×3 payout
  14. I know the feeling. I run away to candy mountain when I don't feel wanted...

  15. But you're the banana king!
  16. Quick, grab onto our tongues
  17. Aff is wayyyy to high maybe acc or even tsg
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.