ZTA and other content delayed...

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  1. Good give us xtals for the inconvenience
  2. Woah no

    Only crying cuz Devs made me do onions cutting for tonight's dinner :-(
  3. Legends????
  4. They said new content guys. So with that and ZTA Expect it on the hour within the next few hours.
  5. Cleanup in office 4!!!....
  6. :roll: clumbsy
  7. Delay the release of ZTA? "gasps" But then you lose out on your precious cash! Who are you and what have you done with the real devs????
  8. Sprite chalice needs to be a new item
  9. Try living in australia we miss everything stop crying
  10. Hey no harm done! Let's just do 100% ZTA weekend unlimited xtals for the mishap til Monday Noon PST 
  11. Support :)
  12. so new content working out the bugs or voting on new price list of new content
  13. Zero Xtal limit would appease everyone and cause no rift from this, unfortunate event I can see
  14. Yeah that'll show em 
  15. [title=black+white]Support[/title]
  16. Few hours ? I'm getting prettty old here
  17. Y'all take a tea break ?
  18. ssoo basically the update y'all just pushed caused some "unforeseen" issues (just like always) and ata is trying to fix it that's what you meant by delay right
  19. How about a time and not just the "few hours" answer you're giving