ZTA and other content delayed...

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  1. We need to delay the weekend release of ZTA and new content today for a few hours. Apologies for any inconvenience.
  2. First to block cryers.
  3. But why tho
  4. But but but..... I guess so 
  5. Delay the release of zta?
  6. Bet it's cuz they forgot to switch off promo attachment on eb. For the price of zta they should make promo a perm thing.
  9. Lol..
  10. It's cause they like to watch the world burn
  11. 
  12. I bet is was Moose trying to pull a prank.
  13. Spragga smashed a server with his Chalice of Sprite Spite.
  14. *cries for 16 hrs straight
  15. Chalice of sprite
  16. Taking bets with new content which devise will not be able to get it idevise or droid,as evidenced over the past week,5 to 1 it's droid.
  17. Cries in Spanish

    Seriously though it's not like late zta is going to be the end of the world.