Zero's poems instalment no-1 My City

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  1. 1). My City

    I look at my city in such a way that my eyes are shut to its splendour in decay
    graffiti signs posted to walls crumbling brick the building falls
    ashes in footsteps fading to dust
    the graces of rats nails coated in rust the ageing hooker stood in the vail eyes blood shot skin so pale
    boob-tube and thong in spite of the cold frost griping glass corpses fall silent there slumbered a tramp who's life was not violent
    a feast for the filth he fuel's the decay road sweeper goes by to the city's dismay
    left in the squaller withered and worn the life of this city is one i shall mourn
    the spirits cling closely in the darkness of night laughing and joking giving the drinkers a fright still I am singular isolated alone lost in this city that should be my home
    ignorant of the beauty before my eyes blinded by media fiction and lies
    like my city I'm incomplete there's something missing in my heart maybe a beat
    Occasionally a flutter a gleam of light but it fades quickly as day turns to night
    A life in the shadows is where I belong me and my city together are strong
    The dank and decay washes my sins away
    In my city I will stay
    You see me as you pass idly by to scared to make contact
    with your one glancing eye you pretend not to see
    But I do for I am my city and my city is me.

    Apologies for poor spelling original poem created by a dyslectic -ZeroCool- on 01/10/13
  2. I love it! Very vivid imagery here!
  3. All feedback welcome thank you hellsphreak.
  4. Like the poen very descriptive even my english teacher loves it XD