Zero return for dropped allies

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  1. ...It's like your trying to talk crackheads out of being crackheads by just telling them not to be crackheads. 
  2. Do you really think spenders want honest "competition"???...

    ...competitive spending maybe. 

  3. They need to stop volley dropping with countless illegal alts that get 5-7T each every event they run now....ata_charlie sure messed things up.
  4. I like the idea as well, this would probably help in oping so many allies, unless the person truly wants to keep that ally!! In which case they wouldn't drop to build anyways most likely!
  5. I like it. Support. Finally a way that can actually hurt an account
  6. I like the idea. But the ally market blowing up and dieing down is part of what happens when new lands come out and this would leave an inflated market.. Still inflated, which could have negative effects on certain players who try to build bfa.

    I think its fine how it is, its interesting watching how the market changes when new levels/lands come out
  7. I don't think a zero return is fair however a much lower rate of return is certainly justifiable. It could be as low as 5-10%. Saying that, however, you would need to reduce bar/potion reselling to those levels too. That would make osw much more difficult in that you would be unable to save gold as easily as you can these days.
  8. This^. It's really hard for me to build bfa. Allies are all overpriced and if they aren't I can't keep them too long. Plus many have gone inactive in me and I want to have the possibility to drop them without hurting my pocket THAT BADLY. And also dropped allies are up and encourage more ally trading... Idk, the idea isn't getting to me... :| .
  9. You have to wait 15 days anyway to get to full drop price
  10. How is it hard for you to build bfa when it's easy for me to build bfa? Curious.

    I support your idea, Diab, although resets would be better :smile:
  11. This is a great idea, the only difference I would make is still getting something back, maybe bring down the max you can get to 10-20% of the ally price

  12. I like the idea, maybe it would help free up the ally market, people would be more inclined to sell. And awesome from the osw point of view.

    He/she/it - you're annoying.
  13. I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you.
  14. BFA was meant for those who could afford it. Always has been that way in KAW. That's why there is the ally LB. besides non BC players should focus on growth, not building trillions in allies. That comes after you get to a point where gold is easy to make
  15. I don't necessarily agree with all the reasoning, but I do like the idea. This would also be an excellent gold sink. I personally never drop allies because it's such a large hit, but I know some do and would curve that considerably
  16. No support,atleast i can get something after i keep them for 15 days,suppose a a statless 2 tril ally,some % refund is better than nothing tbh imo
  17. Support. Great idea Diab. The only concern would be having allies drop build on you. But then again, everything comes with some sort of risk involved. I say bring it on anyway.
  18. No support horrible idea