Zerg Family Recruitment

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  1. 7 Years ago, March 14 2010, the announcement was made...

    The Overseers have landed in KaW! Die from the Swarm or join and be assimilated. Watch for the creep encroaching on your kingdoms. Become one in thought with the Overmind and obey the Overseers!


    ...now, 2017, the kingdoms have changed, the rules have changed, the clan still stands. Zerg Alumni are everywhere. Now the time for recruit has resubmerged. We don't ask for anything but your loyalty and activity. We don't require you to have leader board stats, seal drops or $100 a day spent.

    We accept builds of nearly any size, because with activity we will all grow together.
    We help our members grow. We understand we are as our newest builds and strive to get them moved up the roster. We encourage friendly competition and celebrate all movement up the clan roster.

    Our council holds combined over 50 years experience in game many of which have been here since the earliest years of the game.

    Mourga-Ra and ZE-ACE_BOY_808-RG are our clan owners, with KSN, jarredheskett, Ohnowis, Shotcallerz, Bingo5678 and Torva_Messor rounding out the rest of the council and overseeing day to day operations.

    So come stand in the field, prepare to be beamed up and take a stay with our family. I assure you this is a group of well rounded people that give respect with its due, support our family, and keep an open PM. From in game issues to real life issues... Zerg is Family.

    Give in to assimilation.
  2. Just another crappy eb clan
  3. demon has a spiked tampon up his bum thats been up there ever since he joined kaw, so don't take note to him.

    However OP, ur images from photobucket arent showing up. Best of luck with the clan tho
  4. Not a tampon, its just your head always in my butt
  5. Thanks for the heads up, worked on PC... fixed for mobile.
    And don't worry, the trolls don't bug me. I posted because there are many types of players out there, as there are many types of clans. To mistake Zerg as a strictly EB clan would be wrong, our core foundation grew up on KAW in the days predating EB's, but have evolved with the times. A clan that absolutely hits EBs, but built on players that can hold their own.
  6. That must be painful
  7. Time to grow again. Welcome to a players who want a solid clan to make home.
  8. Just another newb that doesn't know much about the game. Feel free to join if u want to learn.
  9. I know enough about the game to know that eb fairys are garbo and ur an eb fairy so ur garbo end of story
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    If u only knew
  11. Support  Good to see zerg is still alive and well
  12. A awesome clan with great leaders Total support 
  13. I gotta support my friends at Zerg. 
  14. Support️
  15. How do you gave 50 years experience? The game has only been out 7 years.
  16. Do you have trouble reading?
  17. Apparently you're the one that has trouble reading. It says combined 50 years. Probably a good point to learn how to read correctly though.
  18. Thank everyone for the support!! We've filtered out a few and still filled the clan beyond 60% with perms already, still accepting more. Many people coming in to try us out on a probationary basis, always welcoming guests and applicants! More news on this family to come in the near future i think....
  19. Support to Zerg ignore the pvp wannabes