Zelgarad Hospitalized 

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  1. It's all about the tentacles. If you get into an altercation with big Z then you need to know if you're fighting 8 or 10 fists.
    If you're only expecting 8 then you can get Sucker(pun very much intended) punched by the other 2.
  2. Let's get back on topic everyone..

  3. It is on topic. Pingu said Zuth's gonna run of with Zels wife.
  4. Quit trying to dodge the tough questions, ashes! The forum kawmunity deserves to know the truth!
  5. Selma Blair is so hawt, she's on fire..

    We need a love interest for Zelgard..
  6. I think Zel will find it hard to get a love interest. As he is made of fire any love interest would be instantly incinerated. I don't think the demonic red eyes will help if he has to post a pic for online dating either.
    What he needs is an asbestos girlfriend which I would imagine are quite difficult to find.

  7. When Zel trying to calculate plunder mechs tho...
  8. Pretty sure AshesOfEden solved it with Selma Blair. She seems to have just finished played with Zel right here

  9. I think they have asbestos tinder now?
  10. Heavy “chaffing” on asbestos tinder I hear
  11. Cancer cases on the “rise”?
  12. this was hilarious.
  13. Appreciated.
  14. This was great 
  15. tooting ur own horn, ain't ya willy?