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  1. Nightmare , your posts are ill conceived and pointless rhetoric . You use the word obvious many times as an adjective in an attempt to reiterate a programmed response. ZAFT would not accept your defense of them on the simple premise that your argument is non Authentic and would probably farm you before me.

    So shut yo goofy self up - bow down to a farmer who is greater than> you.

    The only Nightmare I recognize is a MaCHiNe KotFE Lord, not you peasant forum scum ZAFT nut rider.
  2. And ZAFT bowed down last osw, cf was granted , think about it. ZAFT agrees to a mutual cf. NO!!! Wrong answer , ZAFT accepted the terms of defeat and were rewaRded with a so called CF. You weren't their, so bow your head and move along chump

    Mercy was shown to ZAFT , I'm not A Lord so I can say the truth without politics. The real warriors know. Ask Alaska.
  3. *disclaimer, as it seems it is necessary on these threads.* This post is on my own behalf and does not reflect the opinions or views of whatever clan I may be in. Anyone gets shitty, hit me, not them.

    Well, firstly, I'd like to address the original post. As a general rule, when writing a thread about anything, one should ensure that they present their arguments in a sensible and understandable manner. The issue I found with your post was that it used caps lock as a major point. While caps is useful SOMETIMES to emphasise a point, when overused it SEEMS RATHER ANNOYING AND USELESS, CAUSING IT TO LOSE ITS MEANING. THIS MEANS THE EFFECT OF THE STATEMENT IS LOST DUE TO THE CAPS LOCK, AND IT DISTRACTS FROM THE POINT YOU ARE MAKING.

    Secondly, your actual content. While the thread's title conveys the general gist of your contention, you never really explain in detail your plan. You claim you will destroy zaft, yet give no reasons of why or explanation of how. These are important factors in a thread such as this. If you were to make another, I would recommend you list reasons and explanations in a dot point format. Simple to write, easy to understand. I get the sense that you're not exactly a novelist, so hopefully that is within your capabilities.

    Finally, your aim itself. Now sure, zaft are famous in kaw, but what have they actually done to you? Pretty much every zaft member I know is chilled out, interesting and just generally good people. Sure, I want to Chris brown some of them, but on average they are just regular kaw players. Now, I personally think you are targeting zaft because they're well known. Although I don't have the facts of your personal issue, but this is, rather annoyingly, a fairly common occurrence in forums. If you hate zaft so much, I'm sure you could, oh I don't know, hit them? Seems more like a cry for attention, and not likely to father the help you need.

    Now on to complaints about zaft in comments.
    Firstly, loving the massive accounts used to talk crap about zaft. Clearly you are powerful and fearless, and will lead the army to destroy zaft in the future. They are probably terrified. :roll:

    Secondly, the UC v zaft OSW. Here's the thing, you say that ZAFT needed a cf, but the whole point of an OSW is to damage the other side. Both sides in that war took damage, and both clans learned who their true warriors were. No doubt friendships were also made, as often occurs in OSW. Despite the positives, UC would obviously have taken some damage also, or the proposed mutual cf would not have been offered and accepted as it was. This shows that although one side may or may not have been worse of, the war was not won, nor lost.

    Not to cause any arguments, but Anyone who knows the true reason the OSW occurred probably knows that zaft might just have been in the right on that one. Obviously what occurred was against tou, but still, that's a pretty unfair thing to do. Breaks trust with both sides, and all knew it would cause something like this to occur. At least, that's what I have heard.

    Basically op, What I'm getting at is that your thread, while mildly entertaining, is not likely to be as effective in striking fear into the hearts of zaft members. This is due to overuse of caps lock, lack of structure, and lack of follow through. All the best, and I hope you try a little harder next time.
  4. Hello all
  5. What are you talking about farrcodile? 
  6. How do you mean dub? If it's directed at my post in general, it's to explain why the op's thread isn't going to be effective, and is in fact flawed In multiple ways.

    If it's at my zaft/UC remark, I'm commenting on what I was informed was the real reason the OSW started. I could be wrong, but I don't think I am.
  7. Farr u fail to see this for what it really is. This op is just another zaft alt send out to advertise for zaft. It's a clear tactic to keep them relevant. Statless alt makes a anti zaft thread every one sees it and talks **** then another statless alt makes a pro zaft thread to counter. It's a GOD DAMN ADD PPL!!
  8. OP requires no pots and pays better than normal haunt
  9. @Sinister-King

    Dude, when you decided to post was your thought process "Alright, I'm gonna post some dumb **** that makes me look like a complete waste of oxygen"?

    Because that was the effect your words had.
  10. @TNT

    Yup, that's exactly what I was going for  mission accomplished 
  12. So has zaft surrendered 
  13. Yes they are quivering in their lil booties
  14. Now sinister, you make an interesting point. Is it a conceivable possibility? Sure, anything is possible.

    Is it likely? Not so much. Looking at op, this isn't a statless alt. It's an account with at least enough size to actually hit.

    Secondly, although it keeps zaft's name in forums, it's not very good publicity. Think about it, a massive leader board family making alts raging against themselves. What is the purpose? They want members, many people would be willing to join, regardless of rage threads.

    So while it is a slight possibility in some cases, I still find it extremely unlikely.
  15. You all suck anyways so it don't matter suckah