ZAFT vs Wimpolyse

Discussion in 'Wars' started by TellYourBoxersItsRudeToPoint, Feb 8, 2015.

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  1. Guys.. His wall is blank... Which means he must destroy his enemies!
    Quaking in my seal boots!
  2. All joking aside its evident that what the OP wants is for ZAFT to let him in to their enclave.

    I would have thought that a Butt kissing forum post isn't going to cut it. Especially when you don't have the guts to post with your true main. (No believes you lost your other acc bro).

    ZAFT want ppl they can count on to take orders and experience in OSW and how to strip etc.

    Not adolescent wannabes

    Must try harder

    Is that on topic enough for you?
  3. Best part, rated 5 stars, 3 thumbs up
  4. I do

    Redstar is my main
  5. Did you ACTUALLY just post "Redstar is my main?"
  6. Oh really? Well then in that case.
    I better go put on a nice set of rain cloths and get an umbrella.
    Cause the crap coming from your mouth is going EVERYWHERE.
  7. Think we got a new KaW trend.

  8. Im so confused on the point of this thread
  10. Alright

    Redstar is not my main. So the question is who IS?

    well they've already posted on this thread :cool: and that is actually true
  11. WAs it the OP? I bet it was the OP.. I feel like its the OP.
    Its the OP isn't it?
    Hashtag: Who really cares
  12. No one cares who your main is noob. :roll:
  13. Making a low effort, garbage thread , OP leave your thread.
  14. Post on this forum thread JUST ONCE with Redstar and I along with everyone else will never doubt you again.

    Just one time with the LB Redstar account saying

    "Hi. This is Redstar and Tellyourboxersitsrudetopoint is my alt so there"

    Or ask for a thread lock
  15. Just isn't a normal day if there isn't at least one statless alt posting a thread in support of Zaft.
  16. but my main is so pretty
  17. He actually didn't say "leave my thread" for once.
  18. *drumroll*

  19. I highly doubt that...
    Or I am a 4 foot talk magical dogdeer
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.