Zaft vs. Apocalypse:the OSW virus spreads

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  1. Okay I got 15 people pming me all saying the same thing: where is the Zaft vs Apocalypse war thread?

    Here it is.

    War broke out between Zaft Genesis and SE. HoG joined in which made the whole thing snowball. Suspect there won't be many EB finished by these clans for a while.
    Here is how it started. A member of Zaft Genesis has on an SE___SE tag. Spartan Elite members thought he was trying to pretend to be one of theirs, so they farmed him and left nasty messages on his wall. The member claims the se tags were for “second echelon” .

    It seems this was not entirely unexpected. There has been tension between these clans ever since the EE wars began. HoG has claimed they were getting incoming well before the Osw broke out.

    Corp v CR
    Destiny v MG
    Carnage v Hit squad
    UL v Kotfe
    UK v TS
    Echelon v Kotfe
    Anarchy v wog
    RST v hog subs
    Faith v COR
    Rebels v wog
    Genesis v Sparta elite/Hog

    Update: Sparta elite made a forum explaining their version of the story. They claimed a cf was in place until some ZAFT council started making unreasonable demands.

    Update:Laoda himself made a thread about the war. He claims bewilderment over the fact it took SE over a month to notice and start hitting the alleged offending player.

    This is the bare bones. I'm going to work, so ill try and write later. Good luck warriors.
  2. Chaos Reborn-45HLBC T4
    Chaos Reborn Ønslaught-32 T4
    Heart of Gold- 65 HLBC T4
    True Spartans - 36 HLBC T4
    --Sparta--elite - 28 HLBC T4
    --SPARTA-- - 3 HLBC T4
    S P A R T A N SPY- 2 T4 Hlbc
    The hit squad - 59 HLBC T4
    X's Fury - 7 HLBC T4
    Wrath_of_god - 18 HLBC T4
    Day_of_judgement -2 HLBC T4
    Monster garage -48 HLBC T4
    Monster garage ll -1 HLBC T4
    Monster garage training camp -0
    knights of the fire emblem -79
    knights of the fire emblem-39 BC
    Apoco total-1244
    % of HLBC 0.307%

    ZAFT Corporation- 77 HLBC T4
    ZAFT Destiny- 83 HLBC T4
    ZAFT Carnage- 33 HLBC T4
    ZAFT Genesis- 15 HLBC T4
    ZAFT Echelon- 27 HLBC T4
    ZAFT Rebels - 11 HLBC T4
    ZAFT RST - 20 HLBC T4
    ZAFT UK- 43 HLBC T4
    ZAFT Anarchy- 29 HLBC T4
    ZAFT UL- 39 HLBC T4
    % of HLBC 0.439%
  3. Gemini?? Typo i guess..
  4. I owned you all! Even phil, sorry phil. :/
  5. Isn't it called Genesis? Either that or ZAFT has secret clans and is a lot bigger than everyone thought. :lol:
  6. Of course 

  7.  us noobs in Zaft sub clans will be at the side lines cheering.
  8. All these fascinating osw. Guessing popcorn business will have a huge spike in sales and profits.
  9. Well this will be fun to watch..

    Both of this families of clans has a motto of hit one and you get us all.. So
  10. The two powers against each other. Who hasn't wanted this?
  11. Jbb was prob misbehaving
  12. ZAFT will always be on top. Apocalypse is good, but come on.

    You seriously think they could take down ZAFT? ZAFT destiny alone is pretty much unstoppable. Then they made Zodiac.
  13. Apocalypse includes mg right
  14. Apocalypse includes MG and MG had to request a cf from Zaft well Chongo made one himself

  15. *ZAFT Genesis