zaft vs apoc who will

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  1. Zaft have the numbers? No, they are heavily outnumbered.
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  4. At the end of the day zaft vs apocalypse is a war that will happen at some point or another as long as kaw exists. It just so happens that this time it had the plus point of one of kaws most egotistical self righteous arrogant (banned words) getting what he's been long overdue. Now lets get back to what we do best and thats smashing each other an having a blast along the way.
  5. Apoc for the win
  6. I think the seahawks are gonna take it.
  7. :)
  8. I am just trying draw a line for a cool story guys, please don't kill the thing I created. It actually sounds legit 

    I have friends on both sides. I respect both sides. I can definitely say Apoc is more ruthless though. Like I said, no matter how you PvP, whether good reasons or bad reasons, it is always more fun one way.
  9. Sadistic killa bear weren't you in yafi a couple weeks ago? Did you run or beg a cf from NA? Wonder how long you'll last in this one
  10. Home and Family before friends ️ If he was asked back for war ofc he would leave his other clan, please think before posting 
  11. He had to use an alt to post. There is no way in hell he is going to think before he posts :lol:
  12. Well i tried  :D
  13. Infamous you're not allowed to speak about osw of any nature.
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    I normally just follow these types of threads and quietly form my own judgements but,

    I vote you might be bias.
  15. Wait they got in this "osw" Becase of allies and not because they stripped a zaft leader? Interesting facts
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    So inconsiderate.